Protagonist Problem: Is Isaac Clarke Too Yappy? (GameXplain)

GameXplain: "It took me a while to figure out why I wasn’t really into Dead Space 2. The realization came somewhat as a surprise to me since the game garnered stellar reviews, and I thoroughly enjoyed butchering swarms of zombified aliens in the first Dead Space. At first I thought it was just the pacing and aesthetic that left me feeling unfulfilled, but I came to realize that I also took issue with protagonist Isaac Clarke’s characterization. In the first Dead Space, Isaac went about his business almost matter-of-factly, as he severed countless necromorph limbs in almost complete silence. I didn’t really need Isaac to say anything for me to empathize. In fact, I didn’t want Isaac to say anything. Because really, when you’re all alone on a dark spaceship with murderous freaks around every corner, and your dead girlfriend keeps showing up, are there any words that could possibly suffice?"

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femshep2717d ago

actually he didn't talk except for when talked too so thats good at least its like every "horror" game where they scream when the player should be freaked out

and he swore like a sailor if you kept meleeing something after a long while which was hilarious

Quagmire2717d ago

I liked the silent Isaac in the first game, ruined the mood when he started talking

JsonHenry2717d ago

I just got this game on the STEAM summer camp sale. Played it for 98 minutes according to the STEAM tracker. He has not talked a whole lot so far. (IMO)

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The story is too old to be commented.