How To Be Good At Uncharted 3: Part 2 - Loadouts [BETA]

Dual Pixels - We're back once again with the HTBG @ Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta video series. Take note of some of the loadout concepts pitched in this part of the series.

Note: Please excuse the slight popping noise early in the video.

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firemassacre2713d ago

you have to be fast, and watch out all of the time.

LOGICWINS2713d ago

Does anyone know if Uncharted 3 will have more hardcore modes besides Team Deathmatch?

firemassacre2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )


team deathmatch, 3-team deathmatch (2v2v2), team objective (complete goals), free for all, plunder (capture the flag), high stakes (players wager experience points and cash), and three co-op modes that are still under wraps. In addition, players will get to experience Uncharted 3 multiplayer's power plays, new boosters, medal kickbacks, gun mods, avatar customization, dynamic level content

edit @ logic, tried my best, cant help you here man sorry :)

edit: they also need to fix the bullet damage just a little bit, it takes too long imo to get a kill.

Nitrowolf22713d ago

We need full Hardcore mode on all maps!!
Hopefully they add it, love Hardcore mode.

FanOfGaming2713d ago

I'm really hoping UC3 is the biggest multiplayer title on the PS3. I love UC3 and it deserves to be on the top of the throne, supported by tourneys and an active community.

LOGICWINS2713d ago

I should have stated my question differently. What I meant was:

Will Naughty Dog a separate online experience called hardcore mode that removes all bossters/kickbacks from TDM, 3 Team TDM, and free for all?

Right now, u can only play Hardcore TDM. I want the option to play EVERY game mode without boosters/kickbacks.

Nitrowolf22713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Your question made sense the first time, idk why fire listed all the other modes that are not Hardcore. Love that mode.
Oh i think they should fix Kickback where you teleport. They should have it away from enemies. To many times i used it to escape only to wind up in front of another guy. I also used it right after an enemy used it and ended up popping up right behind him. Lol that was some Jumper shit.

NukaCola2712d ago


You are asking if there will be a Hardcore mode for the rest of the modes other than just TD?

In the Beta, Hardcore Mode is Team Deathmatch without the boosters/kickbacks. I don't know 100% but I am sure Hardcore will be a mode that once you select you can choose the gametype, but without the perks in the final build, but if you really want it, you should post it to the beta thread at ND's website. I am sure that custom games and all other modes will have a perkfree setting in the final build.

Dogs_PinoyPOOD2712d ago

I play Hardcore all the time soo...

Redempteur2712d ago

shot your ennemies untill they are dead and beware of your surrondings .


freaking easy ..