/rant: Pirates, F*** You!

Ryan Hillis shows us his rage again in this week's edition of /rant. This topic: the leaking of Gears of War 3! Why is it that gamers have so many self-destructive tendencies?

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maskren2721d ago

Marcus Fenix says, "No means no."

Mr_Lu_Kim2720d ago

lol what a load of croc.

It takes a J-tag 360 to play all these pirate games anyway and I would say that J-tag users represent less than 0.01% of Xbox users.

No-one wants to void their shit and never play online again just so you can the single player of new games for free. Multiplayer is where it's at this gen and it works well against pirates.

DragonKnight2720d ago

@Mr_Lu_Kim: Free beats anything. Multiplayer is NOT a deterrent to piracy and it never will be. For many, if they can get it free, they will. Simple as that.

maskren2721d ago

Now that I think about it, Hillis kind of looks like Fenix. We just need to give him brutal facial scars :D

agentxk2721d ago

Piracy is rampant, I hear the argument that buying games are more expensive in other places but ultimately, if you cannot afford the purchase then play flash games and f2p

Sinterfire2720d ago

"if you cannot afford the purchase then play flash games and f2p" easier said then done. No I don't support hackers, but I'm just saying if people can get what they want for a cheaper/free price then they will.

Bigpappy2720d ago

I can get game for free, but I just buy what I want anyway. I must be one dumb-ass MF, but I am kool wid dat. I don't just go around taking peoples shyt because I have access to it. I go by people's houses and offices every day,to repair their stuff. They leave vauables all over the place, including cash. I see that stuff and it has the value of a brick to me.

Too many young people just want to get over on some one else. I would say to all of you, just earn what you can and live within your means. You will feel much better about yourself and have much higher self esteem.

Sinterfire2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

@ Bigpappy I know what you are saying and I agree, but with piracy you are less likely to get caught or in trouble as the other crimes you listed. Thus making hackers and pirates alike unaware of thier actions and the consequences to their actions. That's are my thoughts about this problem.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2720d ago


+Bubs for an intelligent thought on here. People know of the consequences and choose to ignore them in regards to piracy. Its the reason the scanners at a stores doors are wired for sound now, cameras everywhere, and prices of products go up because you have to protect your property from lowlifes who steal.

Keep it up and we will have so many lame ass hoops to jump through, and crazy laws in place just to connect to the internet in the future.

Thecraft19892720d ago

But if there never going to buy it then no one loses out. No way it can justify copy right infringement. But its still has no effect to publishers or developers.

catguykyou2720d ago

The thing is, most people that pirate the game wanted to buy it. They wanted it enough to decide, they were going to pirate it (which in itself takes time and effort). I can guarantee you, that 80% of the users out there who pirates a game would of bought it if pirating wasn't an option.

Rocket Sauce2720d ago

I really doubt that. How many songs have you downloaded that you never would have paid for otherwise?

catguykyou2718d ago

All the songs, that I have downloaded were because at the time, I didn't have the money to buy the cd I really wanted. I didn't just go out and pick downloads at random.

maskren2721d ago

At the same time, no one likes being poor.

omi25p2720d ago

So theft is ok. If your poor dont buy it on release.

Mr_Lu_Kim2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Meh don't make games so damn expensive for the shit they are trying to shovel feed us?

Hardly any of this gen games have been worth anything up to the 6 month to a year price.

Piracy is an answer when shit hits at $120 Australian. F em I say, I'd pay if it where lower and do in rare cases for AAA titles. Otherwise I bargain bin/steam sale/pirate that shit lol.

hate me IDK.

@ Dlacy13g

That gets me mad to.

pixelsword2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I'm staying outta this...

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2720d ago

Games being expensive is a sorry ass excuse. I will assume that you are a kid, because if you have been around for any other consoles including the Nes, SNES, Genesis you would see the prices have actually been low in comparison.

I have paid for some crappy games in the past on the NES, and had no online, no co-op just a goofy 8 bit single player game with crappy graphics, horrible sounds, and clunky controls but still somehow managed to purchase the game and still pay bills.

Dlacy13g2720d ago

honestly what angers me more are the A-holes running around this site that drop spoilers on leaked games they pirated. Its one thing to steal it for yourself but don't ruin it for others just to be a D-bag troll.

catguykyou2720d ago

....Nathan Drake saves the girl, gets his ring back, figures out the mystery of his ancestors and stops the bad guys. :)

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