Mass Effect 3 Wallpapers in full 1080P HD

Check out these Mass Effect 3 Wallpapers in full 1080P HD.

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KING_KAI2570d ago

that reapers looks like hes gonna rape lol

i like the 3rd one coz that setting of spaceships flying neer the sun reminds me of mass effect 1.

strange19862570d ago

Agreed! I loved the main menu with that soothing music.

KING_KAI2570d ago

the best music in any game of any time.

it just makes you think of whats out there and theres so much to explore its stupid oth in the game and real life. fvck im off to play mass effect 2 now i just listended to that peice of art!!

sjaakiejj2570d ago

Hint: Image size is specified in resolution.

1080p stands for a video with a resolution of 1960x1080, that uses progressive scanning. To use the term in combination with an image doesn't make sense.

cyborg472570d ago

You made my day brother! And yeah, totally agree with what you said.

KING_KAI2570d ago

no problem mate. nice to see theres poeple out there still with good taste! im of too mass effect my GF ;)