BH: My Super LE3T Feminist E3 Review

Border House: "E3, the gaming convention and showcase for gaming professionals, wrapped up late last week. I was a bit busy elsewhere, so this is going up a lil late. So here are my reactions and thoughts to some of the games [and their representations of women] I saw in the coverage of the convention."

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Pozzle2635d ago

It's funny that a game like Dragon's Crown has to use T&A to get people talking about it, while Uncharted 3 garners much more attention by showing good gameplay and fun cutscenes.

People say sex sells. But a great game with interesting characters sells even better.

b_one2635d ago

Dragons Crown if i can belive what devs talk will be quite a good slasher... and i dont think about boobs and wicked anathomy - just gameplay and features...

Neckbear2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Uncharted 3 gets attention thanks to Uncharted 2, mind you. Undeserved attention, too, at least in my opinion.

About Dragon's Crown, it gets attention not only for its sexualized characters- but because it's Vanillaware, a developer many love. Some just choose to go for the former and even criticize it for that, so you have yourselves to blame for it, if anything.

Also, regarding the article, I knew it was beckoning me; tauting me into reading some shitty, badly written opinions the moment I saw the words "woman" and "feminist".

And guess what- my intuition didn't fail! Surprise! Shocker! How not-predictable-at-all!

MaxXAttaxX2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Uncharted 3 gets attention thanks to it's promising story-mode experience. Something many enjoyed in UC2. Well deserved attention too, as there aren't many games like it. In fact, these games don't get too much attention outside of N4G and other gaming sites on the internet.

It also get's attention not just because of its engaging single-player, but because it's Naughty Dog, a developer many love for the past 15 years, known to always make great games since the PS1 days and rarely disappoints.
In my opinion, of course.

Vanillaware is good.

Regarding the femminist article....yeah I saw that coming too.

ATiElite2634d ago

Sex doesn't sale, that's just some old cliche brought on by the revolution of the Porn industry.

I don't care how much TNA you stuff into a sucky game, it's still a sucky game that will not sale well. Seriously you don't see Postal or Rapelay doing Halo numbers now do you?

some of her post is just random I say go get laid, cheer up, and live a happier Gaming Life.

killerhog2634d ago

yeah sex sells when it comes to music videos, movies, and PORN but never video games as gamers do care more about gamepaly OVER trivial shit

P.S those are some unnecessarily huge tits, but i guess guys need something to stare at so who can complain?

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b_one2635d ago

some feminists needs to chill out... not every woman in games need to be like/looks like "that writing feminist"
else there is much of rage from them...

i dislike extremists on every aspect not only feminists....

Pozzle2635d ago

I don't know...Even though I don't agree with many of this site's articles, I do think articles like this have an interesting perspective. Especially when it comes to things like E3. What WOULD the average female gamer think when she walks into an expo like E3 and be bombarded by things like booth babes, games using boobs to sell, and games with no female protagonists? Heck, what does the (non-gaming) media and public think of gaming when they see these things? It doesn't exactly give off the best impression of gaming and the people who play games. :(

RedDragan2634d ago

Gotta agree.

Considering they make up nearly the demographic you would think the companies would try and maximise profit by selling games to the females.

thisguywithhair2633d ago

Why doesn't anyone have the same problem with car models? Aren't they the booth babes of the car industry?

RedDragan2633d ago

They are usually alot hotter


Abriael2634d ago

Dunno, what about playing the games and having fun with them instead of letting pseudo-silly-political-extremi st views ruin the enjoyment?

Some people really set themselves up for disappointment.

DrRichtofen2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

THAT PICTURE! I'm surprised her tits haven't fallen off. Forget a bra what she needs is an over the shoulder boulder holder.

clarkjudo2634d ago

In the next installment of Batman. Although I will enjoy the dialog and combat moves of Catwoman. I do not care for the unnecessary bare cleavage for Catwoman in the next installment of Batman. Being a guy, I still found it distracting and bothersome. Past depictions of Catwoman did not need this distraction of extra bare cleavage. To express her feminine side (not like a Prostitute mind you). But I am seeing a theme here. Last Batman game produced from Rocksteady. Poison Ivy had the same details of unnecessary cleavage. I will be most likely hitting the B button (Xbox version) to skip through the cut scenes for the second time through. But will just need to try to look the other way in the first play through. So I do not miss any important information in the dialog. Catwoman will be 10% part of the game, so this is not going to take away from the experience with personal editing during the second time through. :)

wongway2629d ago

As far as the Poison Ivy cleavage goes it kind of goes with the character, Catwoman cleavage isn't really necessary, but I'm not going to complain.

clarkjudo2629d ago

I see your point with Poison Ivy. I had the same thoughts. But still ..... LOL

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