Why Do I Always Get Excited For Every New Heroes of Might and Magic Game?

RipTen: I may have spent more time in my life playing HoMM II and III than any other games in history (not including WoW of course) and every game in the series I have played since those two has let me down for one reason or another.

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CrzyFooL2514d ago

I want the beta but I don't want to pre-order...

SpaceSquirrel2514d ago

Heroes of Might and Magic is a great series

Hitman07692514d ago

Because the Warriors of Might and Magic on PS2 was really dope! That's why I do....

No_Pantaloons2514d ago

meh, I've been watching HoMM6 for a while now and I'm pretty sure its gonna be mediocre.

They're changing a lot which sounds good honestly, but I don't think their implementation will be a shining success.

Races are streamlined, which needed to happen, but unit selection seems iffy at best. Some of the most iconic units have are now missing.... like dragons. Along with that, the story seems as convoluted as homm5's trilogy which tbh was just a mess. I know gameplay is center stage with heroes, so all is not lost, but they need to fix the skill tree and castle building aspects. I'm still hoping for a fix and not a fresh coat of paint.

grailly2514d ago

a lot of people don't don't care about the story, including me- I just play skirmishes ad eternam lol. I haven't loved HOMM as much since HOMM3 but I'm still looking forward to dive back into the addictive gameplay.