Can the Wii U be the future? |

James Melrose from shares his thoughts on why he thinks that the Wii U won't be the roaring success Nintendo needs in his new blog series "The Fire Door".

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colonel1792577d ago

Well, it is the future... since it hasn't come out yet...

he he he

but seriously, it will be the "future" until next gen consoles come out. The controller will be a novelty the same way the wiimote was and will die out sooner rather that later, and even sooner because I don't think that people who bought the Wii to play Wii sports (grandmas, mothers and sisters) will be interested in this device.

steve30x2577d ago

Not a chance. It doesnt play BlueRay movies , it doesnt upscale DVD to 1080P and it doesnt have a GT or Forza type game. It might be powerful , but without those its nothing to me.

ChickeyCantor2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

". It doesnt play BlueRay movies , it doesnt upscale DVD to 1080P"

It doesn't play DVD...So why even bother say that xD

"and it doesnt have a GT or Forza type game"

Well thank miyamoto for the best racer ever : F-zero.

rexbolt2577d ago

gt and forza suck and are boreing games dont u ever bring up such trash again

steve30x2576d ago

LOL I have to disagree. I like proper racing games not arcade racing rubbish.

rexbolt2576d ago

they are boring and slow noting fun about them worst games ever made i win

kesvalk2577d ago

it will be released on the future, so basically, it is...

now, if the wiiU will be revolutionary, that is completely diferent question...

2577d ago
Titanz2577d ago

I can confidently say that the Wii U is the future.Nintendo 1st/2nd party games sell well(go check software sales for the Wii), so (like the PS2) I believe once the consumers purchase the Wii U, they'll be satisfied with the amount of software the hardware will be producing.

The Wii U is a multi-console owner's dream.

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