Why Are Gamers Scared Of Apple?

MMGN writes: To say the response has been negative as to Harrison's remarks that Apple will 'own' the video game industry would be an understatement: some gamers seem genuinely concerned as to Apple's apparent growth in the industry.

Any such growth should not be ignored, especially considering the pace at which products such as the iPad 2 are selling: as Harrison mentioned, Apple selling a staggering 15 million iPad's is a phenomenal effort.

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CarlosX3602437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I'm not scared of Apple.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. Gamers aren't scared of Apple, its just that Apple isn't on the same playing field as Microsoft, and Sony. Dare I say even Nintendo.

MintBerryCrunch2437d ago

nothing to be scared about, but if apple and other devs start pushing mobile games in the videogame industry and say that "this is the future" "gaming like never before", it will only piss a lot of people off

JsonHenry2437d ago

Why? Because they charge you twice as much for less features and less "ownership" of your product when compared to competing hardware.

Redgehammer2437d ago

mango man, mango.. shivers..
I am not a hand held gamer, nor will I ever be. However, I understand it as an option, but just like Kinect and Move, it should remain optional. I don't want to be forced into pad gaming.

romancer2437d ago

It could be that the booming sales of mobile games -- and the current weakening for console games -- are related. So Apple doesn't have to be on the same playing field as Microsoft and Sony to have an effect upon those companies.

There will, of course, be some huge game hits later this year for the consoles but those games will not likely reverse the apparent trend.

Apple could, if it chooses, use the Apple TV or the iPad as a means of playing games that resemble console-game more closely; in fact, a title like L.A. Noire could probably be handled quite well. The entire iPad could become a steering wheel controller for chase scenes. Apple (or a third party) could bring out a controller for when games are played on TVs (both iPad and iPhone will be HDMI capable shortly). So there is much gaming potential in Apple's products -- as well as those who imitate Apple in the cellphone and tablet fields.

DragonKnight2437d ago

"It could be that the booming sales of mobile games -- and the current weakening for console games."

Excuse me what? Weakening for console games? Did you read this article? Here, let me break it down for you.

iPad sold 15 million. Wii is over 70 million, 360 and PS3 over 50 million each.

iPad used 15% of the time for gaming. The consoles are used virtually 100% for gaming.

iPad games can be as cheap as $1 a game and still only sell comparably with $60 console games, possibly even less.

I don't know what you think of as a "weakening" but the console and PC market are not "losing ground" to the mobile market when they can still boast superior sales in both hardware and software. The only thing mobile gaming has going for it is the diversity of mobile products that can play games, and the fact that games are vastly cheaper.

There is no "trend" going on here. A trend suggests a real shift in the market, but people are still buying consoles in impressive numbers, and still want those large games that aren't possible on mobile platforms.

So again I ask, what "weakening?"

CaptainPunch2437d ago

Think about this though, the iPad is $500+ imagine if iPads were priced at $300. It would sell a hell of a lot more.

DragonKnight2437d ago

I don't think it would really. The Apple sheep buy Apple products at any price. I mean, any people who can make an appointment to see someone at the Apple Store has to be a sheep.

limewax2437d ago

even at that price I wouldn't buy, since apple will only want me to buy another 6 months later

AKissFromDaddy2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

The Ipad was released on April 3, 2010.

As of June 6th, 2011...25 million units have been sold.

The Wii was released on November 19, of March 31, 2011... according to Nintendo, the Wii has sold 70.93 million units worldwide.

In 1 year and 1 month, Apple sold 25 million Ipads.

In 4 years and 4 months, Nintendo sold 70.93 million.

25/13 months = 1.9 million a month for Apple

70.93/52 months = 1.36 million a month for Nintendo

Additionally, The Wii launched at $249.99 and has been slashing its price.

Anyways, maybe there is a weakening market. I believe a small percentage of video games, in comparison to the rest, take a majority of the profits. But a lot of games are disappointing.

I look at the people around me who have to use their own money to buy video games. I don't know anyone who buys as much as I do in real life. They'll always purchase Madden, NBA, COD, or any other popular franchise that releases annually.

I believe that popular games that release annually don't give a majority of games with 2 to 3 year release dates an opportunity to make new customers or fans. The customers are busy playing the franchises but this is from my own beliefs that I'm sharing.

romancer2437d ago

I didn't spend time on documenting the "trend" of video game sales because as a regular reader here at n4G i thought the figures were well known.

See: CNBC Feb 17, 2011

Quote: "2011 isn't looking much better than 2010 or 2009 for retail sales of video games.

"Despite comparing with weak numbers from a year ago, game software sales were down 5 percent last month versus 12 months earlier, coming in at $576 million, according to NPD Group, which tracks the industry. Overall, the industry was down 6 percent, dragged lower by continued weakness in the hardware category." and so on....

A subsequent comment (below) in which you dismiss all purchasers of iphones and iPads as "Apple sheep" reveals a deep prejudicial attitude towards millions of people who buy Apple products for a wide variety of reasons. However, the one thing that is on a steadily rising curve for the App store is video games... indeed business is booming! recently reported that over one million downloads of "Angry Birds" (a paid app) still occur every day!


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fluffydelusions2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I see more people annoyed by Apple and this crazy idea they will take over the gaming industry than scared. Why does these articles keep popping up here everyday?

blackburn102437d ago

I'm not sacred of Apple. Who gives a $hit about Apple? Everyone seems to somehow have gotten it through heir heads that Apple is some sort of gaming company that we should be concerned about for some reason.

Apple makes products that do gaming on the side. The big 3 do gaming consoles for gamers. Their is a big difference.If anyone thinks I am buying an Apple product for gaming while they release a new improvement for their phone or Tablet every second then you guys must think I am crazy. Apple has their sheep but i am not one of them.

romancer2437d ago

in case you haven't noticed, a convergence is going on --

XBox is adding Skype to make phone calls...all three consoles offer music and movies... and just because Apple refreshes its products (on average once a year) in order to stay abreast of developments doesn't mean that people are forced to buy the latest upgrade. Would you rather have a console that remains the same for 5 or more years? Well, if so, that's your choice.... but technology will advance nonetheless.

blackburn102437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Spoken like a true sheep. Technology can advance all it likes. Just don't expect me to pull out my wallet for every upgrade you decide to pull out of their @$$ whenever Apple sees it's piles of money getting smaller. When I buy a game console it is a long term investment not a mere distraction until the next system comes out like Apple's products are. I won't be buying the Apple console only to hear that their is a better version 1-2 years later.

I play my PS3 mostly for games and anticipate them as they come out, not what new feature they can cook up to make me spend money for a whole new device under the guise of 'progress'. Fall for Apple's con game and follow the endless loop all you want but keep it to youself. I am sure you will be jumping to buy the Ipad 3 once they finish making you into buying the Ipad 2.Good luck with that.

romancer2437d ago

i own all 3 consoles but no iPad....

Don't have Move or Kinect.

I buy whatever I want as a gamer, when it strikes me as desirable...but am not an early adopter, nor do I knock other peoples' choices in the gaming field.

fanboy wars are ridiculous.

RankFTW2437d ago

Apple can go spin, no way am I spending £500 for an iphone/ipad that playes crap games with no buttons.

HacSawJimThugin2437d ago

I tried to put a Gamefly app on my iTouch but it wouldn't work because my iTouch is 1st gen and incompatible with any and all software updates...f_c_ APPLE!!

I refuse to fall for the every other week new iWhatever release. Didn't the iPad 2 just come out in February? I hear the iPad 3 will be out this fall...SMDH.

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