Max Payne 3 coming December 1st?

Recently Amazon along with GameStop, along with a number of other stores, have altered the release date listed for Max Payne 3 to December 1st of this year. While it's not unusual for a store to give it's own approximated release date for a game that has not had a release date announced, according to an email from Amazon this date was set by the publisher and not by them. If this true and with less than six months to go according to the release date, we should be seeing a storm of Max Payne 3 media and information soon.

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Legionaire20052558d ago

Hope so, if true it can end the hoilday with a bang and kickoff for the new years!!!

Hanif-8762558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

That would be awesome because this game looks to be very promising, expecially since its using the Euphoria animation engine which generates very human-like animations on the fly.

Euphoria Animation:

Armsgraph2558d ago

oh yeah wait wasn't this supposed to of been out

Acquiescence2558d ago

Best Christmas present ever.

xenophage2558d ago

Why the fk would someone disagree with that :|

xenophage2558d ago

Please be true, Please be true,Please be true,Please be true......

FAGOL2558d ago

That would be pretty awesome

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