E3 2011 Preview: Binary Domain / Gematsu

Gematsu: "In the near future, man and machine will coexist in society — that is, according to Sega’s upcoming third-person shooter Binary Domain. Set in the year 2080, Japan and the United States are the leading nations in manufacturing robot technology. Following the appearance of robots resembling humans, which breaks international law, the leading robotics firm in Japan is pinned down as the number one suspect, causing Japan to go under complete isolation."

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CrzyFooL2470d ago

I went down to my local bodega and asked them for a Gematsu but all they had were two red bulls and a Kotaku.

InLaLaLand2470d ago

Looks interesting from the Yakuza devs. I guess that Of The End is a beta for this game (shooting gameplay wise).