Top Ten Things We've Learned From Resident Evil

gamrFeed - "Whoever said that videogames didn’t teach us anything important? Aside from the movie Zombieland, we’ve never had a better guide of what to do and what NOT to do in case of the zombie apocalypse than the Resident Evil videogame franchise. I’ve tossed together ten of the better little snippets of wisdom that we all should carry with us at all times. These are in no real particular order."

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zeal0us2650d ago

what about there's no such thing getting in a/pass a door easily.

FEARprototype2650d ago

"If you hear the sound of a chainsaw get the hell out of there"
hhhh...? isn't this common sense?

ScubaSteve12650d ago

you cant trust a crossdresser freak

jc485732650d ago

this person doesn't know a thing about knives.

Kyosuke_Sanada2649d ago

No.1 should always give the lock-pick to the master of unlocking. (RE)


No.3 Never shoot at Leon. He's always Human. (RE II)

No.4 You'll get disappointed if you depend on others, trust me I know!!! (RE: Code Veronica)

Jack-Dangerously2649d ago

No.5 Don't grab that conveniently placed shotgun on the wall.

No.6 Never, and I mean NEVER, leave home without your ink ribbons.


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