Hey Guerrilla, Take The Duke And Fix Him

PSX - Who can resurrect Duke? Who can raise him from the TKO he just suffered? If anyone can do it, it's Killzone developer Guerrilla. They could add that intensity and brutality we love in the KZ franchise and no, I'm not recommending a complete change in style for the Duke.

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DrRichtofen2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

If Guerrilla were to do that you realise it would probably be a PS3 exclusive...right? Yeah I'm all for it go Guerrilla! To tha power of teh cell and beyond!

DrRichtofen2739d ago

@ disagrees
I didn't really think I'd have to put an /s for you to understand it was a joke, well I guess some people need to be told when to laugh.

tdogg060519912739d ago

Gearbox owns the IP and it can't be givenup. Besides the majority of real Original Duke fans own computers if anything.

Tzuno2738d ago

Lol!!! what a thought.

Inside_out2738d ago

I think Guerrilla should worry about their own IP, it didn't exactly take the world by storm this year. Besides, they are rumored to be working on another IP as we speak.

This guy also thinks Infinity ward, Insomniac and Dice should make a Duke game...O_o

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