Defending The Duke: Why Forever Isn't THAT Bad

Botchweed's Liam Griffiths writes - "It’s inevitable that a game with such a long, tortured history should meet with a somewhat mixed reception upon release. Forever is an undeniably average game, that isn’t anything new – even Duke 3d was average, though many don’t like to admit it – but it seems some reviews are giving out severely unfair scores for a game that is only mediocre-at-worst."

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DistrictMime2653d ago

Duke Nukem Forever is exactly what it's supposed to be....Duke Nukem 3D with better graphics. Nuff said.

Protag222653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

finally, someone who understands! :P

(edit) I know, I felt I had to address my opinion, rather than let it all get pent up inside me. I have friends I considered disowning because they outright boycotted the game after they read a bad review of it.

DistrictMime2653d ago

Dude trust me, I've been going around getting irritated by all these noob reviewers who don't know exactly what they're playing and saying that it's a crap game. It's quite insulting to me when someone says that the game I like is crap.

Nitrowolf22653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Aside from the graphics and really long loading times, the game isn't that bad. I will say this game should have come out a lot sooner for whats being presented but i don't think it's as bad as most reviewers make it out to be.

I Like the game.

I'm getting tired of seeing people comment on a game they haven't played yet and saying it sucked.

Ghoul2653d ago

let me repost my comment from another thread

"noone who didnt play duke3d back in the days can understand how awesome dnf is

its for the fans noone else
i love this game
probably your all to young"

Ghoul2653d ago


thats a plain out insult

just because you probably where still in liquid shape when duke3d released, you cant compare cod to duke.....

FragMnTagM2653d ago

I think that is what it is. I enjoyed Duke 3D back in the day and I am enjoying DNF now. It is a different kind of game. Comparing it to modern games is just as stupid as comparing other older games with modern games.

I have been enjoying the game all day. There are some genuinely hilarious moments in the game.

I hope that gearbox gets to make a completely new Duke game if this game is successful enough. I like the Duke's sense of humor and it is a great break from all the other crap out now.

Ghoul2653d ago


well said FragMnTagM

DNF is the first game in a long time that made me laugh to tears,
the one moment where you knock out the TV producer for yelling around made me spill my drink,

suddenly your arms raise and you can land one shot of pure duke bareknuckle pownage lifting the guy off his feet, HAHAH.

After that the weapons or melee isnt active for at least 15 more minutes


Takoulya2653d ago That doesn't make it a good game.

Unless, of course, you're one of the people who like games just because of the title that's slapped on it (CoD).

FragMnTagM2653d ago

Nope, I don't really like Call of Doodie that much and the only reason I play it is because some of my friends do and I kinda get dragged into it.

I bought DNF because the game is FUN. Something some of the newer games have been lacking.

I like the fact the Duke isn't politically correct.

Takoulya2653d ago

A game doesn't have to be politically incorrect to be fun or ballsy. I'd rather have an artistic, well crafted game which is fun over a game whose best part is picking up a piece of crap and throwing it.

Ghoul2653d ago


did you play duke 3d ?
did you play Duke Forever? seriously did you ?

dude you make wanna kick your ass and chew bubble gum,
and i'm all out of gum.

Takoulya2653d ago

So you're saying that a game is completely fine if it provides nostalgia and has SOME funny moments? Isn't that a bit sad? I don't agree with many reviews for many games, but saying that the game deserves a good score just because it's the same as a game you enjoyed about 18 years ago except with better graphics? That's implying complete degeneracy for the industry.

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EddyD2653d ago

Yea, he has got some pretty harsh scores.

Charmers2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

There have been some pretty unprofessional reviews in the media about Duke Nukem. I have seen instances where reviewers have blatantly insulted people that like Duke Nukem Forever.

This game was never going to get a fair hearing from the gaming media. It is as if they have been waiting 14 years to be given the chance to slag it off. But then why should I be surprised with the gaming media these days all they ever seem to concentrate on is negativity.

I am not saying Duke Nukem Forever is a great game, it certainly has it's short comings. However it is a good game and will provide many hours of entertainment and fun as long as you don't take it seriously. It sure as hell is not as bad as these reviewers are trying to paint it.

Excalibur2653d ago

The lowest I've seen is a 2.
A 2 really?
That signifies hate to me OR someone trying to compare it to COD or some such.
I figured the game wasn't going to get much better than a 7.5 or so and quite honestly I don't expect much from it but a 2?

I've played some pretty bad games,Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Damnation, Terminator to name a few and I don't think I'd even give them a 2, a 4-5 maybe...

People need to look at it for what it is and leave it at that.

Protag222653d ago

I mentioned that in the article. Ive played Turning point, Legendary and Blacksite, all of which are awful - but scored more than duke in many places.

That's just bonkers, in my opinion.

Richard_Hammond2653d ago

I dont get all the hate for this game, its awesome!

Protag222653d ago

Well, if the Hamster says it, it must be true!

FragMnTagM2653d ago

I agree. You got to take Duke for what it is. An unapologetic romp with legendary one liners.

I like the fact that this is one of the few games that doesn't take itself seriously and gives some pretty funny situations.

What other game do you know of that lets you use the bosses nuts as a punching bag just to add a little more humiliation after you kick his ass?

Ghoul2653d ago

what is a duke game

pure silliness
complete and utter silliness
and offcourse duke unreachable attitude and loose mouth

i feel sad for everyone not able to either ignore the game
or just enjoy the game.

i love it

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