Ubisoft Answers Wii U Questions; System Power & Games Discussed (GameXplain)

GameXplain: "Nintendo and Ubisoft had an open Q&A session after announcing their partnership and the new Ubisoft games on the way for the Wii U this Wednesday evening. Here's a recap of the important questions,extremly paraphrased."

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newsguy2747d ago

ubisoft likes it, it must be good!

sikbeta2746d ago

Ubisoft will waste the power of the new console with the massive amount of shovelware they make, Far Cry and Ghost Recon are the only good games coming from them now...

Agent_S2746d ago

WTF! Have you ever played Assassins Creed? It may not be your kind of game but to label it shovelware you have got to be delusional. Its one of the most well put together and innovative franchises to come out of this gen.

sdtarm2746d ago

assassins creed is good but they are milking it and instead of making progress they are going backwards, like how easy it is to kill someone in brotherhood.

and no, if ubisoft likes it doesnt means its good, remember that ubisoft also liked kinect? they are just looking for an opportunity and they've been looking for it for a long time,

MintBerryCrunch2747d ago

so the only thing that is confusing me is if the controller itself can play games on its own? or does it need the system to be ON in order to function properly?

plus, is it just me or are the analog sticks very shallow, they dont seem to be raised that much from what im seeing

fluffydelusions2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Needs to be on and in the same room just like a normal controller. That is what regi said anyway

Shackdaddy8362747d ago

He said the same range as the wii remote which is basically a house. You will probably start seeing low connection or something if you go clear across your house though.

Shok2747d ago

The controller can do some MINI-games, but that's it. The system needs to be on and the controller has to be within range, of course.

Devs are saying it has just as much as range as the WiiRemote, and just to get a picture of the distance, I can turn my Wii on that's upstairs from downstairs in my living room.

NESpower2746d ago

Because Wii uses bluetooth technology....but Nintendo never boasted about it. I know this will....

iforgotmylogin2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

the analog sticks if anything like the 3DS feels nice. i like it and its just analog sticks ppl haven't made any complaints yet from all the analysis's.

i want them to hack this controller like they did wiimote for pc, i see my self having alot of fun with this system.

richierich2746d ago

Why are Nintendo being so secretive on the Wii U's power? This is worrying

iforgotmylogin2746d ago

no its the opposite
you already see microsoft and sony trying to copy and duplicate everything once specs are released sony knows what to go after in terms of processors and etc.

its best to stay shut until launch.

iamnsuperman2746d ago

???. Copying specs?? Are you talking about their next console because that isn't easy to just release. It is not best to stay shut until launch. That is a marketing technique when the specs are not good. If specs are good you boast. I think they haven't finalised it yet. It is around a year from release. If the say this is what it is going to be and then they have to lower the specs for costs benefits it looks bad. The reason for the secrecy is they haven't fully developed the console yet. There are still things to finalised.

TenkoTAiLS2746d ago

I would wager that is why too, or at least till they are closer to launch. Gather up the nay sayers and blow them away haha. I mean keeping quiet if it was worse stats wise won't help them at all, it will have to be shown before launch and people will find out eventually and if it wasn't great they won't get as much sales reguardless of when they show it if that was the case. It's more likely it's better than people are thinking, 3rd parties and even Nintendo 1st party dev's sound like they have been told to keep quiet. The longer they keep it secret the less time the other two have to come up with something similar or better at a competitive price.

iforgotmylogin2746d ago


look what happened with the 3DS and the psv having almost identical everything except gpu/cpu processors. Nintendo doesn't want their ideas being taken and implemented into their rivals tech.

its not a technique for when its bad specs. its a technique to hold your specs ex if Nintendo said it was a 6core 3.1ghz cpu don't you think Sony and Microsoft would look to invest in similar tech that can compete with that.

atm there is a shroud of mystery i believe their are multiple dev kits out with variety of specs thats why some publishers say it blows it out the water and some dont.

but i do also agree with your last quote "The reason for the secrecy is they haven't fully developed the console yet. There are still things to finalized."

squallheart2746d ago

Really? The psv copied the 3ds? What in the blue hell did they copy. Most of the technology in the psv is the same as psp but taken to the next level. Its about staying connected and having a portable media device where as the 3ds is just a portable 3d gaming device.

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