E3 2011: New Classes, No Medics & Suppressive Fire For Battlefield 3

New classes, suppressive fire feature, the return of jets and many more details for DICE's next installment in the Battlefield series.

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Miiikeyyy2573d ago

i want this nooowwwwwwwww

femshep2573d ago

no medics????? why call it battlefield then

Shackdaddy8362573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Riflemen can either be assault or medics now depending on what they want for their loadout.

It's basically the BF2142 class loadout. It isn't as good as BF2 imo but it's better than BC.

blink30202573d ago

Actually read the article or just look below. There just isn't a medic class

FAGOL2573d ago

Read the bloody article.

metsgaming2573d ago

i actually played medic alot, i actually tried to do my job.

banjadude2573d ago

I agree. Medic class will be sorely missed :(

ATiElite2573d ago

Do you practice making bad statements?

Read the article, Assault troopers can be medics depending on their load out. I just hope I'm never on a team with ZERO medics.

combining Engineer and Anti-Tank made perfect sense. I Love playing the Engineer and Sniper.

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RedDead2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I dunno, you hae a choice between Medic and grenade launcher, those 2 things are game changers for the player, one can make holes in walls, the other heals. They are pretty different. They're just grouped into one class, but there is a medic so to speak

evrfighter2573d ago

Wonder if there will be a difference in body armor like bf2

CaptCalvin2573d ago

this wouldn't have been so bad a news if they didn't limit the squad sizes to four men. If a squad gets a grenadier, a marksman, a support gunner, and AT, suddenly it's got no medic...

MidnytRain2573d ago

That *is* a problem. Now there's no way to tell if your squad is balanced. Unless your all mic'd up, the guy you think can heal you might not be able to.

ninjagoat2573d ago

lol no medics? explain this then

Watch for the first vid the twins are playing as medic class -_-