Is Sony’s ‘Welcome Back’ Package Good Enough?

In Ready Up's second Grudge Match two writers arguing whether they think the “Welcome Back” package Sony is offering in compensation for the downtime is good enough. Sony are offering all PS3 users the choice of two games from a list of five and PSP users another two games from a different list of four. Unfortunately for Sony, some gamers still aren’t happy with the offer.

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Drekken2750d ago

For the 100th article - NO.

Any Sony loyalist customer owns every single one of their offerings. I know I do. At least they offer a free month of PS+, UC3 beta here I come!

movements2750d ago

EH, where does this article fit in the heat of e3?

zeksta2750d ago

It's not N4E3, It's still N4G.

csreynolds2749d ago

So E3 happens and all other games journalism haults? Hardly...

the_kutaragi_baka2750d ago

four FREE games, a FREE subscription to a paid service, and people still bitch?

shm.... -___-

RustInPeace2750d ago

Very true. On a side note, though, I use to own LBP then traded it a while back. When I picked up the free copy from the WB package, I noticed that the online multiplayer wasn't immediately active. Now, I haven't gotten very far into the game since (and I had lost my original saves to a YLoD situation when I originally owned the game) but wasn't the MP always on, or has this version cut the MP (which would make no sense because this game was BUILT on its unique MP)?

csreynolds2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

From what I can recall (someone feel free to correct me) you had to complete LBP's single-player before multiplayer opened up.

If you deleted your old game save after trading it in, you'll need to complete single-player again before you can hop online - though to be honest that's not necessarily a bad thing. LBP's offline element was cool!

2750d ago
andron2750d ago

No we need blood and a pound of flesh... /s

Drekken2750d ago

How about something for everyone? Without weak minded sarcasm... what about the people who own everything they are offering?

andron2750d ago

We'll I own everything and I'm just glad it's back. Everyone gets 30 days of PSN+, doesn't that count?

I see many complaining, but it doesn't make sense to demand even more from a company that have had huge expenses from a cyber attack.

People have suggested PS store wallet money or some brand new games for free, but that is just not realistic. I haven't seen anyone come up with any good suggestions for what else Sony can doo either...

Pintheshadows2750d ago

They can trade in their hardcopies an.........eugh.

Thanks alot Drekken. I just developed a brain aneurysm.

andron2749d ago

Actually I did that. I traded in LBP and downloaded it (more convenient to have it on HD) and Wipeout from the Welcome Back program. I didn't have the Fury expansion so I did get something after all...

Drekken2749d ago

Some people defend to no end. I'm happy its back, but I can't pretend like Sony did me any favors.

how about a $25.00 voucher for whatever you want. I would have used that.

nolifeking2749d ago

Even if they offered 5 other games to pick 2 from, who's to say you don't have those also? I really don't see how they could have pleased everyone considering any game(s) they offered would already be owned by someone.

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fafoon2750d ago

Even though i have most of the games
I will say its Better than Good Enough !!!!!!
Now stop moanin

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