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E3 2011: Where is Beyond Good and Evil 2? (MIA from Ubisoft's Conference)

GameXplain Says: "Beyond Good and Evil 2:???
Ubisoft just wrapped up their conference and no Beyond Good Evil 2 in sight. Ealier this year gamers, were treated to the re-release of the original Beyond Good and Evil in glorious HD on XBLA and PSN. Rumors continued to spread as well that the game was still in development (last month's Game Informer article about Rayman Origins confirmed this). So where was Beyond Good and Evil 2? Is this not the game Ubisoft fans have been waiting for?" (Beyond Good & Evil 2, E3, PS3, Ubisoft, Wii, Xbox 360)

andresegers  +   1580d ago
Noooooooo! Damn them! This is the game I most want to see =(
Warprincess116  +   1580d ago
Me too. Im starting to think his game is cancelled. We haven't heard about it in ages.
Venox2008  +   1580d ago
it wasn't canceled, dev who worked on it now is making if I am not mistaken adventures of Tintin and after that he'll return to BG&E 2
ATiElite  +   1580d ago
Ubisoft's presser was OK but it really needed to include Beyond Good n Evil 2.

That's the only Ubisoft game I was really looking forward to. Those Morons over at that stupid company need to listen to the fans more.

Ubisoft just doesn't get it.
maniacmayhem  +   1580d ago
The morons at that stupid multi million dollar company should really listen to a few niche/cult gamers who happened to like a game that was not a commercial success. And devote time and money to it instead of actual products that is making money for the company.

Yea...they dont get it. ;-)

But seriously a sequel is said to be still in development.
lil Titan  +   1580d ago
i know its stupid but hope to see it at Sony press then. the first game was amazing im hoping to see it even at nintendo press i just want to hear about it really
qface64  +   1580d ago
this and i am alive were cancelled at this point its so obvious
RockmanII7  +   1580d ago
I remember hearing that I Am Alive was going to become a PSN/XBLA game a while back.
Eddy223  +   1580d ago
i think that was said to be a rumor ;/
qface64  +   1580d ago
that game was shown back in 08 no gameplay just a CGI trailer 3 years ago

i have no reason to believe they will even still release this game and even if they did i have no reason to believe it will be all that
Dash Reindeer  +   1580d ago
newsguy  +   1580d ago
i still believe!
Pandemic  +   1580d ago
Where's I Am Alive?!?!
CtrlAltDel  +   1580d ago
Where's the GRFS beta??

Where in the World is Camen Santiago?

PrimordialSoupBase  +   1580d ago
That team is currently working on Tintin.
ATiElite  +   1580d ago
which will disappear by E3 2012.
Nodoze  +   1580d ago
The host was annoying as all get out. I fail to see why companies like Ubisoft hire d1ckheads like that to represent them. It does not bode well for them.
Cajun Chicken  +   1580d ago
No love for POP(2008) sequel either. :(
jay2  +   1580d ago
kesvalk  +   1580d ago
it's the starcraft: ghost of ubisoft...
browngamer4  +   1580d ago
Ubisoft said that they are now making the for next gen consoles(like cafe)-announcement incoming as cafe ecxlusive tommorow?
R834  +   1580d ago
I just read an article saying BG&E2 will not be coming out until next gen. :|
Venox2008  +   1580d ago
BGE2 & Child of eden & Rayman:origins are most anticipated games from ubisoft for me :)

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