Five Games You've Yet to Realize You Want for the 3DS

Gaming Irresponsibly's Adam Allcroft speaks out abut some upcoming 3ds games that may have gone under the radar of some gamers.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2523d ago

The 3ds is not even under my radar period.

blitz0x2523d ago

I think a lot of people feel the same way, and I really don't know why, personally. I think perhaps nintendo seems to always look to innovate, but they end up falling short of what most people agree are minimum requirements.

Maybe the 3ds concepts were something they should have held onto - it's not quite the saving grace nintendo needs right now. Now, I cafe is all the rumors are stating, that may have a lot more potential. Looks like were gonna have to wait until e3 is on to know for sure.

agentxk2522d ago

After spending some time with the 3ds, yes it is awesome

agentxk2523d ago

The system itself could be an entire gamechanger

agentxk2523d ago

I just got a 3DS, going to check these out!