Japan's Favorite Geek Releasing Two Game-Related Songs

Yes, he's at it again. It has been revealed that popular Japanese pop/rocker and well-known gaming geek GACKT will be releasing two game-related theme songs this July.

The first song, entitled “Episode. 0”, is the A-side of GACKT’s latest single, which features songs originally performed on the PC's “GACKPOID.” Below is a preview of the song.

GACKT will also be appearing as the character Gakupo for the CD's cover (pictured) and music video.

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Acquiescence2674d ago

He looks like such a berk.

Pozzle2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Say what you want about his looks, but the guy's done a lot of good for charities (he raised over a million dollars for the earthquake victims in just a few days due to his star-power alone) and seems like a genuinely good/cool guy in interviews. I think he gets a bad rap in the gaming community because people see him as just another Japanese pretty-boy showing up in their games, without knowing much else about him.

And if he looks femme...meh...he does it because that's what's popular in Japan. He knows he has a pretty face and plays up to that, because looks are important on Japanese tv. Hell, the guy's pushing 40 and has been in the charts for over 10 years, so he's lucky he's still popular amongst Japanese women at all. Especially when there are talent agencies all over Japan who mass-produce hundreds of younger, prettier and easily-marketable male singers.

CNXN2674d ago

At first I was like this chicks pretty h... then I was all like

Senden2674d ago

Haha yeah from distance he easily would look like a chick. He's done some good songs though.

anubis562674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

This and paranoid doll!

Gackt's next single will be released on July 13, 2011. Oh yes!!

CrescentFang2674d ago

The man they chose to narrate the trailers for the upcoming Berserk anime project! Also I'm pretty sure he was involved in FF Dirge of Cerberus and Genesis from Crisis Core was based on him. Though I didn't know too much about him, without the help of Pozzle's comment (not Kyoji)