The Eye of Judgment IGN AU Review

"Card games live or die by the quality of the multiplayer experience. A combination of collecting, competing and widespread popularity are the golden three things needed to make a card game lasting and successful. You need only look at the Magic: The Gathering or the Pokemon Trading Card Game series for proof of this. Sony has put forth The Eye of Judgment, a card game that essentially requires PS3 hardware and the PSEye in order to use - but is it enough to persuade Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon and M:TG fans from their passionate addictions? More critically, is it the system-seller that Sony is hoping it will become?" - IGN AU

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PimpHandHappy4068d ago

maybe it will sell systems in Japan but a card battle game will in no way sell in the States

Snukadaman4068d ago

You have too buy the cards too play....have a whole set up with a table and everything..I mean who has all that...its really a pain in the azz..and there might not be alot of people too play online with...dont get me wrong..the concept is cool....but its just too much.

Gordii4068d ago

I bought it i am just waiting for it to ship so it did sell in the States... and i know a lot of people are picking them up as we speak

OmegaKulu4068d ago

but really, who would of thought CCG will see the lights of day again on a console...

LeonSKennedy4Life4068d ago

Every PS3 owner I know is getting this game.

I think it'll sell well here.

gtgcoolkid4068d ago

I am going to buy it but just spent my weekly game fund on Ratchet and Clank

ericnellie4068d ago

I'm not big into card games; in fact I've never played one but, I think this game is a good way start. I'll be picking up my copy of this game ASAP;)

diatom4068d ago

I'm getting it because I want the game, but for those who don't, its a great way to pick up the camera on the cheap... The game should do well on that alone.

OmegaKulu4068d ago

yah.. and future shop canada is selling it for 59.99 for some reason...(should be 69.99 right??)

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The story is too old to be commented.