Atari: Daggerdale to miss May 31 PSN launch, game may fall into publishing queue [update]

Atari addressed fans waiting for the PS3 version of Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale today, announcing on Twitter that the game would miss its planned May 31 launch on the platform. The reason stated, however, is far more interesting than the news of a delay -- according to Atari, it "looks like Playstation Network is not gonna be ready for #Daggerdale release on 5/31."

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UltimateIdiot9112552d ago

=[ Seriously, it's making me oh so sad. I want to download Infamous and play it. Then get Infamous 2.

jack_burt0n2552d ago

i would imagine its giving room to dungeon hunters which had a week i think of time for sale.

TheColbertinator2552d ago

Tons of demos and games delayed on PSN.Its a shame.

JohnnyMann4202552d ago

From what I've seen and heard, who cares. This game is getting 5/10's around the board.

It's not just reviewers...users think it's crap too.

Sucks cause I was looking forward to it, but crappy games are crappy games.

soundslike2552d ago

Looks like it had potential too, they should take this opportunity to ...finish the game...*gasp*

Krakn3Dfx2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

It's not going to make the 5/31 date because they're not going to release the entire backlog of PSN stuff at once, they're going to stagger it over a few weeks, which is probably a good idea.

Also, I'm just going to pick this up on Steam anyway if I get it at all. Reviews so far haven't been stellar, but I do like the style of gameplay, so I might still grab it.

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