Activision Pres Vows to Track Down MW3 Leaker

An internal email sent out by Activision's CEO vows to hunt down the mole responsible for leaking Modern Warfare 3 assets early.

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg reportedly sent out an internal email vowing to track down the parties responsible for leaking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 details to the gaming press a few weeks ago. The news sets a different tone to Activision's view of the leak after Hirshberg said in an interview last week that obsessing over the event is "only looking backwards."

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TheDarkness2677d ago

Call of duty is dead.. Its cow of milking now.

Uncharted3Goty2677d ago

LOL Never i will track down the hacker my self ( hahah just joking)

Oldsnake0072677d ago

how the hell is it dead ?

it will sell more than any game this year.

kharma452677d ago

It's cool to hate on anything Call of Duty on N4G now, probably because it's just become so ubiquitous more than it being an average-to-good series with the last couple of games.

Chocoboh2677d ago

@kharma45 is it cool to hate on CoD? No it's just plain obvious that the games have been getting milked and progressively worse past CoD4

The only FPS in my eyes that makes substatial upgrades to its series to be called a true upgrade is the Battlefield series

but alas, sales mean everything right? /s

mrv3212677d ago

Dude, I hate the NEW call of duties, any remember COD 4 how good that game was, how many DAYS did you sink into that as gamers. And now what we have Black Ops which launched with problems and $15 map packs.

COD 4 changed the multiplayer.
Bad Company 2 improved it
Black Ops sold more

We hate it as you put it because the games are original or even that good anymore, you just find a gun you are killed most by and use that. I think at one point I had ALL UAV jammer and silencer on ALL my classes in 4... that was fun.

guigsy2677d ago

@ mrv

CoD4 might have been innovative, but Black Ops is the most refined, balanced CoD yet. Getting rid of stupid perks like martyrdom and juggernaut, as well as removing other features like the runner class and to a certain extent quick scoping make for more skill and less cheap kills. The RC Car being a 3 kill streak is the only thing I'd change in Black Ops.

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nopunctuation2677d ago

Hell yeah take this menace down! /s

ME19892677d ago

Dead? No matter how much someone may hate the franchise, it's far from dead. Look at the insane hype just from the MW3 trailer a few days ago.

This thing will sell tens of millions again.

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Kran2677d ago

Shiz just got real...

Uncharted3Goty2677d ago

thats what happens when you mess with Cod and you know how many information has been leaked alot so it makes alot of sense that activison finds these guys who leaked it.

awiseman2677d ago

They will probably shoot him and said he dies of natural causes.

Uncharted3Goty2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

i bet he has cold blooded on so that they wont be able to find him and if they do find him he probably has last stand and martyrdom on.

Urrakia342677d ago

They'll probably make him play 72 straight hours of Modern Warfare 2 in a lobby full of hackers.

Killzone3___2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

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Les-Grossman2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

What was leaked exactly ?

Soldierone2677d ago

Its not like we all didn't expect MW3 anyways. Unless the rehashed MW2 teasers were not supposed to be released due to them...well...being rehashed, then I don't see the problem. Other than the fact they probably had some deal to help raise the NBA games ratings and this ruined it. I avoided watching the game anyways, so still who cares?

Jack-H2677d ago

*slow clap* Hey everybody! Come one! Come All and see the elusive trolllllll!

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