Minor Glitch Halts Ratchet & Clank PS3, Simple Workaround Solves Issue

A minor bug in Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, which shipped to stores today, may prevent gamers from starting the game, depending on the contents of their PlayStation 3's hard drive.

Much like Insomniac's previous PS3 effort, Resistance: Fall of Man, Ratchet & Clank mandates a brief setup procedure that copies some files onto the console's HDD. However, an unexpected glitch within the game causes it to read the hard drive as full and refuse to install under certain conditions.

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xhi44068d ago

I foresee a patch update! 1.94 anybody? :P

SmokeyMcBear4068d ago

i think it says it comes bundled with 1.94

Watkins4068d ago

Yeah, It should definitely be the PS3-software that causes this, and not R&C FTOD.

wil4hire4068d ago


Scratched Discs.
Non HD game.

Hugh Hefner4068d ago

Unnecesary and uncalled for... minus 1 bubble

AngryTypingGuy4068d ago

Don't worry. The new ones are more reliable, and the whole RROD argument won't be valid. Although they'll keep using it, because it's not like Sony fanboys can cut up on the 360's lack of quality games. Especially when it keeps pumping out games rated 9.0 or higher.

360_Rules4068d ago

GT5 demo isn't true HD either.
I haven't had one scratched disc because I don't move my 360.
New heatsinks and 65nm in the 360 fixes the RROD.

Most PS3 games are buggy.

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King20084068d ago

Have to turn into a PS3 vs Xbox? This has nothing to do with it or the games. Glad to see this is not a major problem. Cant wait for this game.

jackdoe4068d ago

Agreed. Good to see that this is an easy problem to fix though.

Vavoom4068d ago

King2008 I agree, it guys like wil4hire that take a perfectly peaceful thread and turn it into flamewars full of unnecessary crap with comments like that. Until then I had seen no fanboyish behavior on this thread.

Whatever though.

randomGuyOnline4068d ago

I don't know. Maybe, it's because people have nothing better to do than argue, or maybe they like to hate. It's useless to try to understand some people on this site.

The 500 MB solution sounds weird. I wonder what would cause that sort of error to occur, and also why would it be fixed by deleting or adding 500 MB to the hard drive. It just seems odd.

Anyway, glad to know that they have a simple solution to the problem. Maybe in an update they will be able to fully address the problem, for the people who don't frequently visit gaming sites.

AllanWakker4068d ago

Time for the Xbots at 1Up to have a second look at R&C?

4/10 're-review' confirmed!

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