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Rumour: PS3 CFW users find a way back onto PSN

Neowin writes: "In a rather interesting turn of events, it appears that PS3 users with custom firmware are able to log back into PSN - without upgrading to 3.61, the firmware released by Sony as part of its efforts to secure the network. " (Next-Gen, PS3, Sony)

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Iamback  +   1198d ago
what does this mean to us normal people?
Captain Tuttle  +   1198d ago
PSN is potentially less secure
MintBerryCrunch  +   1198d ago
"retail-cum-developer&quo t;

have no idea what that means
Scrotie_McBoogerball  +   1197d ago
I have no idea who approves this "SHIT" but I bet it's a mob of fanboys that PM each other and click agree as soon as this "SHIT" is posted.

This is FAKE people. CFW on PS3 has been nothing but one big fat failure and this is no different.

Hackers go away and flamebaiters please stop this "SHIT" slinging.

As for losers hacking COD, well this has been happening since day one on the Xbox 360 and more recently with the PS3, it's not the platforms fault the game is an insecure bugged out mess, that can be cracked open and messed up by a 5 year old.
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Kushan  +   1198d ago
It means that when you're Playing COD and someone starts doing impossible things, they're probably running a modified PS3 firmware.
mastiffchild  +   1198d ago
IF it's true. But, whatever, it's not the same thing as stealing account info so possibly not what Sony are really bothered about right now. their day will come-no doubt-even if it's not with the current generation of consoles but one day we'll find a way to deter cheats and thieves from ruining gaming for the rest of us.
Joe2911  +   1198d ago
Yeah right... no matter how secure a system, some tw@t is always going to try (and probably will) find a way in. Every system has a weakness, there is no perfect system.

Edit: Also, of course its not good for Sony, who wants to play a bunch of wall hackers and aim-bots?
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silvacrest  +   1198d ago
just to be clear, you dont need a PS3 with CFW to do stupid things on COD
xAlmostPro  +   1198d ago
COD is hackable via the game/save data.. doesn't matter what sony patches when it involves COD.
Kushan  +   1198d ago
COD was just an example.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1198d ago

You're able to do impossible things in call of duty without a modified firmware.
kyl277  +   1197d ago
"You're able to do impossible things "

the_best_player  +   1198d ago
It's true <-------------------------- ----

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Joni-Ice  +   1197d ago
That video is old and shows NO proof.
lil Titan  +   1197d ago
*loads shotgun*
r21  +   1198d ago
fantastic, if this causes Sony to shut PSN down, i will be pissed more than now
diehardgamer1000  +   1198d ago
yep and ppl say Sony is too heavy-handed with their handling of hackers
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theonlylolking  +   1198d ago
There is no way they could have done got back in that quickly.

Maybe some governments will actually help sony since the people that are using the PS3 are also in a country like the US, Canada, russia, japan, etc... so potentially the security of the county is at risk.
phinch  +   1198d ago
Seriously hackers, go do something usefull with your "skills" in a job go help people, stop pissing the rest of us gamers off
JMyers  +   1198d ago
This again? Their consoles should be remotely shut down.
Apone  +   1198d ago
or blow up in their faces...
JMyers  +   1198d ago
Hahaha! Yes I'd rather that!
b_one  +   1198d ago
I found this movies on that rotten web page :)

Dmd  +   1198d ago
You gotta be kidding...! Already?!
dorron  +   1198d ago
Lol. Probably true...
Old McGroin  +   1198d ago
Listen up hacker/pirate muppets: p¡ss off and find something more useful to do other than annoy millions of legit gamers. Christ,what the hell is wrong with those retard$!?! Nobody likes ye so take the hint and fcuk off!!
ninjagoat  +   1198d ago
I call bullshit and more scare mongering another idiot looking hits on a website.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1198d ago
Did you call bullshit last month?
ninjagoat  +   1198d ago
I tell you what i did when sony went down, I blamed the twats that brought it down not Sony. I waited for Sony to get it back online and they did that. They have offered gamers a good welcome back pack beyond what they even needed to do esp being its a free service. I own an xbox360 aswell m8 i still remember undertow for a lost christmas holiday on my paid service.

Still i see bitching from sony gamers. Anyone that wants to keep promoting hackers wants to keep the flame burning imo are as much to blame as the idiots that cause the hassles.

End of the day people that are supporting them now if this turns the other way and xbox is hit then they will be on here doing the same complaining the other way round cause we all know there just scoring points of each other like five year olds.

Fanboy morons and they couldnt hack there grannys.

Im a gamer and its more to my benitfit to have my system working and being online but at the same time i can live without it online for i own every platform. So i can move between systems at my on pace.

When psn was down i took my time and played games i had yet to complete and neglected to this point. Now im up to over 1250 trophies thats pretty good for me.
Dlacy13g  +   1198d ago
Well, at the rate this continues... I am guessing Sony now will be probably pushing up their schedule to launch the PS4 and make some significant changes to that system and how it interacts with the network, etc...
Cablephish  +   1198d ago
I think it's more that hackers may be producing this stuff and putting it out there for others to use. There was this one guy cheating on PSN and I sent him a message and all he sent back to me was "Your mom". Kinda disappointing cause it's children cheating. Either that or it's some automated message sending macro.
Burning_Finger  +   1198d ago
I think Phase 2 of Sony's PSN reboot would make everything secured and hard to hack for the hackers. Phase 1 are just things to make the gamers use the online features so they can shut up for a while and make them happy. I'm expecting completely new layout on the PSN store and new security files on the PS3 and stronger encryptions for the personal informations when they initialize the Phase 2 plan. A completely overall reboot PSN 2.0.

Also, I don't think it's a very good idea to do any hacking and using any CFW while Sony's team and the FBI are on the lookout.. U are probably the biggest idiot on the planet when u attempt to do that.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   1198d ago
Relax, it's prolly just the DNS trick, which works for about a week or 2 when new FW comes out.

Edit: Confirmed, just the DNS trick. Won't last long and they'll likely get detected as CFW users. So PSN ban for them.
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gelmists   1198d ago | Spam
paintsville  +   1198d ago
The question was aked,"What does this mean to us normal people?" Well the answer is simple. Sony's security is crap. Just like it was before.
Old McGroin  +   1197d ago
But it's not Sonys fault that there's hacker muppets out there who wanna ruin the experience for millions of legit gamers. I'm sick to death of people blaming Sony, they provide an excellent online service with the most important part, online play, being absolutely free. But some fools aren't happy with that.
I suppose you think the hackers are completely innocent and Sony put a gun to their heads and forced them to wreck the experience for everyone else?
AntoineDcoolette  +   1198d ago
Why on earth is skull and cross bones, a symbol traditionally associated with piracy, is being used as an image for an article about using Custom Firm Ware? Its as if the author of the article is being rash and associating all people who use home brew with software piracy. For shame. For shame.
ILikeTurtles  +   1198d ago
It's only a rumour and why does it matter?
Why do you care about people who have CFW on PS3?
ILikeTurtles  +   1198d ago
LOL @ disagree.
Jason143  +   1198d ago
This is false. Plain and simple
Kte  +   1198d ago
Yeah it is false...if it were true I would know since I have one (I dont use it for online so please dont start with the comments) but there is no way CFW users are back other wise it would be posted on other websites.
earbus  +   1198d ago
Very funny cheats.
MajorNelson   1198d ago | Trolling | show
TheTruth89  +   1197d ago
Bolts  +   1197d ago
Is the PS4 here yet?
Mister_G  +   1197d ago
They might be able to sign-in, but can they still use their PS3 to hack PSN like before? Probably not.

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