Rumour: PS3 CFW users find a way back onto PSN

Neowin writes: "In a rather interesting turn of events, it appears that PS3 users with custom firmware are able to log back into PSN - without upgrading to 3.61, the firmware released by Sony as part of its efforts to secure the network. "

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Iamback2497d ago

what does this mean to us normal people?

Captain Tuttle2497d ago

PSN is potentially less secure

MintBerryCrunch2496d ago

"retail-cum-developer&quo t;

have no idea what that means

Scrotie_McBoogerball2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I have no idea who approves this "SHIT" but I bet it's a mob of fanboys that PM each other and click agree as soon as this "SHIT" is posted.

This is FAKE people. CFW on PS3 has been nothing but one big fat failure and this is no different.

Hackers go away and flamebaiters please stop this "SHIT" slinging.

As for losers hacking COD, well this has been happening since day one on the Xbox 360 and more recently with the PS3, it's not the platforms fault the game is an insecure bugged out mess, that can be cracked open and messed up by a 5 year old.

Kushan2497d ago

It means that when you're Playing COD and someone starts doing impossible things, they're probably running a modified PS3 firmware.

mastiffchild2497d ago

IF it's true. But, whatever, it's not the same thing as stealing account info so possibly not what Sony are really bothered about right now. their day will come-no doubt-even if it's not with the current generation of consoles but one day we'll find a way to deter cheats and thieves from ruining gaming for the rest of us.

Joe29112497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Yeah right... no matter how secure a system, some [email protected] is always going to try (and probably will) find a way in. Every system has a weakness, there is no perfect system.

Edit: Also, of course its not good for Sony, who wants to play a bunch of wall hackers and aim-bots?

silvacrest2497d ago

just to be clear, you dont need a PS3 with CFW to do stupid things on COD

xAlmostPro2497d ago

COD is hackable via the game/save data.. doesn't matter what sony patches when it involves COD.

Kushan2497d ago

COD was just an example.

ZombieNinjaPanda2496d ago


You're able to do impossible things in call of duty without a modified firmware.

kyl2772496d ago

"You're able to do impossible things "


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the_best_player2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

It's true <-------------------------- ----

Joni-Ice2496d ago

That video is old and shows NO proof.

r212497d ago

fantastic, if this causes Sony to shut PSN down, i will be pissed more than now

diehardgamer10002497d ago

yep and ppl say Sony is too heavy-handed with their handling of hackers

2497d ago
theonlylolking2497d ago

There is no way they could have done got back in that quickly.

Maybe some governments will actually help sony since the people that are using the PS3 are also in a country like the US, Canada, russia, japan, etc... so potentially the security of the county is at risk.

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The story is too old to be commented.