Will Sony Consider Free Warhawk Download for PSN Outage?

JI writes: "There was speculation previous to the announcement from Sony that possibly Warhawk would have been among the games selected for download in order to help provide exposure for Starhawk. Perhaps this was decided not to be the case given that Warhawk is an incredible game but may be far out-shined by Starhawk's release. Nonetheless, the demand is there. Other users have also suggested the PS One Classics store as a desirable option."

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Would be nice but I doubt it...I think that would be way too much for Sony to just give it away.

LOGICWINS2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Yeah, but they could take the price down 10 bucks...its been out for FOUR years..and its only been discounted $10 from the original $40. Discounting it as opposed to giving it away would be a good move. The fact that so many people on the PS forums and on N4G complained about not getting Warhawk in the "Welcome Back Package" shows that there is an urge amongst the gaming community to play it.

For $20, I'd rebuy it in an instant to prepare for Starhawk.


I could see that good point.

Soldierone2561d ago

Would be a good idea to discount it for PS Plus this month then. Everyone would get it, and this would be a double win for Sony.

-We all see how PS Plus members get good discounts
-We get hyped for StarHawk.

I wonder if Sony will see the same thing though...

LOGICWINS2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

^^Also, the people getting the free month of PS Plus can gt ALL the Warhawk DLC for free. If Sony discounts Warhawk for PS Plus members then EVERY PSN member will get the discount..this would guarantee that everyone who wants Warhawk will get Warhawk because they would want to take advantage of the discounted price during their free month of PS Plus.

kanetheking2561d ago

logic look on amazon i found a cheap warhawk today or ebay.

LOGICWINS2560d ago

^^Yeah, I looked. But I'm looking for a seller that has the download code. Alot of these guys have it for under 20 bux, but the shipping costs are outrageous.

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i seriously have no idea on this one. as they said though, it is impossible for them to make everyone happy

DA_SHREDDER2561d ago

i would prefer a free copy of MAG, even though its already free, but i cant get past level 8. :(

Nykamari2561d ago

Hahaha! Demo players on MAG get shafted, they should have capped them at Lv.15 with no leadership role. I thought you had the full game. You sold it?

Nykamari2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

I thought they had added a rookie server just before they released the dropship dlc. That will help some of the new players.

SpaceSquirrel2561d ago

I hope so. Warhawk is a great game that everyone should play

slinky1234562561d ago

I think it would help them more to help advertise towards Starhawk. Not to many people buy Warhawk anymore so they should put it up.

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