The Witcher 2 on consoles? Developer ‘promises to try’

TVGB: "During a recent Q&A session on Facebook, the age old question of whether or not the ridiculously good looking The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings — due out on PC tomorrow — would ever find its way to console audiences got some attention."

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NateCole2596d ago

Please don't. We have seen what happened to Crysis 2.

Ranshak2596d ago

Why would anyone want to pay 60usd for this game on console when they can get for 36usd on pc.

Same goes for any multiplat out there. People should get the game on PC save $$ and allow devs to carry on innovating. Buying on console will just mean stagnation.

Fishy Fingers2596d ago

Unless every console sold comes bundled with a PC I dont really see how thats relevent. Some people dont have a PC, let alone a PC that will out perform the current consoles. Lucky, I'm not one of them :)

Ranshak2596d ago

Not hard getting a PC, specially in this and age one can be made very close to console prices. Cheaper games ensure the system is much cheaper then a console in the long run.

RedDead2596d ago

Yeah but a 5 year old Pc won't handle the Witcher 2 so well will it? 8800GTS will get the minimum specs. I really want to play but my system doesn't have the juice. Hoping to upgrade soon though.

Substance1012596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )


5 years is a long time. Imagine someone having bought games for a PC for 5 years instead of console. if every year he bought 20 games. they would end up paying 1000usd more on console.

That itself is enough money to get a high end rig with some change left over.

20 games a year *10 usd game cheaper on PC = 200usd a year

200usd *5 = 1000usd.

Any real gamer should have a gaming PC for PC exclusives and multiplats they would save money in the long run.

Edit: the difference is even more if we count someone paying for XBL live every year, or if we count the rediculous deals PC gamers get on Steam or other DD services.

reynod2596d ago


Lol true after all the extra people do pay to get the game on console, they dont even know if the game will be playable next gen on the next box.

MariaHelFutura2596d ago

Because the Witcher 2 looks amazing and I don`t game on the PC.

Si-Fly2596d ago

@Ranshank : A PS3 or 360 costs around £200, I just spent 5 times that on a PC for gaming that would be capable of running games on Ultra settings, it's not a fair comparison.

I'll be buying Witcher 2 for my PC but I wouldn't begrudge the developers if they released a console version for 360 and PS3 owners.

xPhearR3dx2596d ago

Here's a perfect reason. I just don't like PC gaming. Only games I can stand playing on PC are RTS games and The Sims. Plus consoles have some great exlusives. I really enjoy what Playstation and Xbox has to offer, so I don't see me switching anytime soon.

Substance1012596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )


Read what i wrote. in the long run a PC is always cheaper due to cheaper prices of games.

You could easily make a PC for 600-700GBP that will run everything in ultra. Spending anything above that is only optional.

You can literally get a high end rig for free after 5 years of gaming considering the game price differences.

Active Reload2596d ago

If they have a console, why would they spend that kind of money again if devs want to bring it to their platform of choice for gaming?

Coke-a-Cola2596d ago

Show me a PC ...... ( no matter how lovely the lines ) that will play on a 60" screen . I know , I know .....the age old banter .

kramun2596d ago

Mine could Coke-a-Cola. A lot of pcs could quite easily. A bigger hdtv does not mean that the resolution goes up, it's still 1080p.

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Perjoss2596d ago

I honestly thought this was coming out on consoles also, I've had the PC version pre ordered for some time now, really looking forward to it!

Speakindatruth2596d ago

What happened to it? It sold better than the PC version?
Yes, it did, sadly. Because people want a console version of everything to experience it, no matter how bad the framerate, and it gets better sales than PC. As much as it pains me to say it, the game will need a console release to make sure the game topples all thanks to the leak--now pirates are just glad there's no DRM to stop them. Fucking hypocrites. "I won't buy this game because it has DRM, but now I live in a third world country and can't afford this game".
I just think we need a new console, for the sole purpose of running games like Crysis 2 and The Witcher 2 in 60FPS.

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Brixxer6002596d ago

Make it so . My PC is basically prehistoric , would struggle to run Pac Man.

wohoo2596d ago

Would love to play this from the couch as well, not just a big PC gamer anymore these days. Except for stuff like StarCraft and such.

reynod2596d ago

Hope you do know there is thing todays GPUs do have, its called HDMI port the same one thats on consoles too.

Arnon2596d ago

You know, instead of spending money on a game that will cost you $64.94, you can spend that money on a new GPU. I bought a 4830 for that price and I run basically anything at medium to high.

Son_Lee2596d ago

Many people, like myself, just prefer consoles. And why would it be a bad thing if it came to consoles? More people will experience it, thus it will sell more, allowing the company profit and to make more in the series. Also, it came to PC FIRST, to there's no fear of a dumbed down port for you guys. All in all, this is one PC-exclusive I am DYING comes to consoles. Looks like one of the best RPGs this gen and I sincerely hope it happens.

Substance1012596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

There is fear of sequels getting dumbed down. As it is due to consoles there arent much good RPGs left to begin with. why botch down another series?

Brixxer6002596d ago

It's not the console players that ask for games to get dumned down , it's the assumption by publishers that console players only want to "Shoot and blow stuff up" , if they done their homework they'd find that a lot of us want a more cerebral challenge

Ranshak2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Well you forget that many of the console owners arent in their teens yet.

When a developer wants to launch a game for console they have to keep people who are 12 years or even below. At which point they have to design the game so those kids can play as well.

The same demographic doesnt have as much easy access on PC.

sikbeta2596d ago

Nah, it's just because in some elitist minds, the more important thing are teh graphicz, for them it's not about story, gameplay or art-style, just graphics, that's why games like SoTC for the PS2 are crap for them, doesn't matter if the game is Amazing, it doesn't have teh graphicz...

kevnb2596d ago

Most pc focused rpg games aren't massively hyped or they have evolved to mmos... but they still exist.

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NateCole2596d ago

Certain games should remain exclusive. Witcher 2 is one of them. Its the best RPG this gen for me personally. Its one of the bright PC exclusive games i am looking forward to this year.

I don't want to sound like a d1ck but if you want to experience this game as it should be played then you must get it for PC. I have always advocated exclusives for particular platforms as they all push gaming forward. PC exclusives in particular. Rage, BF3, Diablo 3 etc is meant to be played on the PC. There are loads of consoles games already for console only gamers. I don't like PC devs risking the quality of these great PC exclusives because of consoles.

Theonetheonly2596d ago

In this case i agree
simile incoming

putting this game on console would be like moving killzone to the wii. wouldn't do it justice, but it would sell more.

kevnb2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

It will sell some on console for sure, but would it be worth the effort to try porting something beyond current console capabilities? Its about profits, not number sold. Console development is just crazy expensive, with lower profit margins.

outwar60102596d ago

i really need to get some cash and buy a pc rig that will decimate all. hopefully by the end of summer i should have the necessary 1200 quid for it

kramun2596d ago

You don't need to spend that much.

outwar60102596d ago

lol i want an uber build because i like to hoard data the price will prob go down by the time i have money for it. The specs will be
• Asus Rampage III Gene Intel X58
• Intel i7 960 Quad Core
• 6GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory
• NVIDIA GT 480 1GB Video
• 2TB SATA-III Hard Drive
• LG BH10LS30 10X Blu-Ray Rewriter & 16X
Asus Xonar D2X 7.1 PCI-E
• Apevia X-Dreamer 3 Mid-Tower Gaming Case
along with some other stuff

Substance1012596d ago

X58 is old now no point getting it. Save your money and go for a sandybridge system that will cost you cheaper and run circles around X58 based system.

I would instead get a I7 2500k or a 2600K overclock them to 4500mhz and call it a day. Unless you wanna go for a X58 and load it up with a 980X or 990x CPU though that will be a complete waste and the only gain u will notice when doing video editing or professional level stuff.

kevnb2596d ago

And im going to buy two 360s taped together and gold plated, makes about just as much sense.

Theonetheonly2596d ago

drop the 480

get something with 4gb video memory games are the dx api is about to make a jump allowing for more than 2 gb utilization video memory.

2TB can be had for less than 100$ these days. and will likely go down in the near future

and as he said with the processor and mobo upgrade to the K series.

I'm pretty sure the cost will be low low by the time you get this.


cost effective and will last you about 3-5 years especially after what we've seen this console generation where the effort and graphical complexity put into most games is determined by the consoles ability to run them and then held in place by the standardized outdated hardware.

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OpiZA2596d ago

Please, this would be awesome. It would come out months after the PC version so no worry of it affecting the PC final product

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