Clearing the Haze: Rob Yescombe on Writing for an FPS

Ubisoft and Free Radical have teamed up to create Haze -- one of a multitude of next-generation shooters following close in the wake of Halo 3, and one of several that has overt political content as part of its narrative. Gamasutra speaks to Rob Yescombe, Free Radical's full-time, in-house writer about the formation of the scenario for the game, how the writing and development affected one another, and more.

In the interview, which asks Yescombe about the recent history of games with political elements in BlackSite: Area 51 and in Army Of Two, he explains it as follows: "Haze... is a commentary on games themselves. In a game, you obey your orders without exception. That's what you do. And as a soldier, you obey your orders. There's no exception, and that's what you do. There are definitely parallels that can be drawn."

"But more than that, it's a commentary on violence in video games. As a Mantel guy, it makes sense that you play it like a game, because you're absolved from responsibility. It's weird that our entertainment is founded on shooting people in the face! The truth is that I enjoy it as much as anyone else, but I find myself weird for liking it so much. That's less than a big political statement; it's much more about, 'What are we, as people who are entertained by this?'"

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mightydog014069d ago

Haze is looking promising. Its sounding interesting then the average fps. I'm getting HAZE when it releases in the uk.. I think it's goner be a great game and I can't wait for it and ratchet and clank plus drakes fortune. Sony wont need to say nothing cause the games will speak for them-self and in to 2008.........with a price cut now its afordable with great games coming out, it's a no brainer ps3 a bargin and well worth every penny or dime....

Sam Fisher4069d ago

its ubisoft they still havent failed on anything (except with the portable games)

damnwrx4069d ago

Bring it on!

.....................HAZ3.... ..............

Bazookajoe_834069d ago

I usally dont give a damn about the story in fps, but that´s because i mostly play them online. I own Halo 3 and havent even played the campaign, it just doesnt intrest me. I did like the story in Rfom and gears, but i must say Haze seem´s to be the most intresting storywise.

socomnick4069d ago

This games gonna flop but thats good serves them right trying to insult other games to get their game noticed. This games gonna flop so bad.

Bazookajoe_834069d ago

I suppose youre talking about Halo? But it´s the media that have made it look like that, they have never said anything bad about another game.

If u hate people who thrastalk you should look at the creator of ninja gaiden, at first the xbox was the greatest. But then when they released Sigma the 360 sucked, and now when they are working on gaiden 2 the ps3 sucks. I hate that arogant fukc, he also thrastalked Heavenly sword saying timing button that apears sucks and no good game have been done with this function. If that is the case i guess God of war only sold for it´s nice cover art.

socomnick4069d ago

he didnt work on sigma he worked on Black and on Ninja gaiden 2.
That guy is hilarious though he looks like a Japanese rockstar with a scared up face lol.

Dmack794069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

is gonaa be sweet. But will it be the new halo? only time will tell. with updates to the game it will only get better but its hard to tell if this game will be INSANELY awesome or just good simple fun. I'm praying that it gets excellent reviews and that the devs take the time to really make this fps stand out from the rest. Online co-op should be fun and I hope as the nectar soldiers you can throw normal frag grenades, because it never gets old watching your enemy fly through the air like a ragdoll lol.

This game and only 1 or 2 others will be the one(s) to make or break PS3 sales for the month of November. And we know the PS3 is a lil desparate for another good solid fps this year, since UT3 might not even make it out the door this holiday season. bubbles