Does Brink Deserve Your Money?

VGW: Last week, we received a retail review copy of Brink, the promising FPS from Bethesda and developer Splash Damage (the team behind Quake Wars: Enemy Territory). Ordinarily, what you’re reading now would have been the space devoted to a thorough review of Brink’s ambitious team-based shooter. After all, we’ve published a lengthy 4-part interview with the game’s lead writer, and several of us have been genuinely anticipating this one. Instead, we’re issuing a buyer beware, with an opportunity for Brink to redeem itself.

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Lavitz20122773d ago

I tried the game on my friends 360 and it will actually a good game.

killyourfm2773d ago

No, it totally is -- until you get online.

BakedGoods2773d ago

I thought it was the opposite--the game sucks *until* you get online, then it's amazing.

Ducky2773d ago

^ The 360 has online issues from what I've read.

The PC has performance issues with ATI cards.

The PS3 has no issue so far aside from PSN being down.


afterMoth2773d ago

No, Brink does not deserve my money and will not receive my money.

EliteAssass1n2773d ago

Yes Brink deserved my $40. Hell, it would've deserved my $60 if I was gaming on consoles. IMO!!

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Joni-Ice2773d ago

I had the PS3 version. Gave it back to Amazon. Will get again when price drops. Getting LA Noire with that money.

moodymofo2773d ago

yea me to i have a paid off reserve copy of brink at gamestop but decided not to pick it up due to the psn issues and now switching the money to la noire that game looks great ,ill probably check out brink later maybe when the psn is back up

Optical_Matrix2773d ago

Not when I heard that it was glitchy with pop in texture, lacked a campaign mode and only possessed 6 maps. With so many other games out this year, I don't see the point in spending £40 on a multiplayer only game. Will get it when it receives a price drop which you can bet will be in a month or so.

Ducky2773d ago

... isn't there 8 maps? O.o

Dlacy13g2773d ago

its 8 maps... and the game got a day one patch for the pop in texture issue as well as some network code. Anyone who reviewed the game pre-release day did it on the old code and wouldn't see the changes...

antz11042773d ago

...has a campaign mode as well. Two actually.

Optical_Matrix2773d ago

Imo, multiplayer maps with cutscenes and bots doesn't constitute a campaign mode. May as well just play online multiplayer. As such, as I said, it's not worth mt £40. Maybe when its £10-20 I'll pick it up. But i just spend £17 on Bad Company 2 and having a blast with it. No need for Brink right now.

Rybakov2773d ago

yeah totally worth the 60 bucks for me
enjoying it 100% even with the call of duty children play online and don't do anything and make the team lose

BeaArthur2773d ago

Haven't played much of it but based on what I played I would say absolutely not.

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The story is too old to be commented.