Neocrisis: Updates Privacy Policy; Ceases Targeting Location by IP

Neocrisis: The people at have decided to change the way they do business, in light of customer response to the Witcher 2 preorder. They have decided that they will not use IP addresses to determine a customer’s location for game purchases and downloads.

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Tony P2775d ago

Love CDProjekt.

They have hinted that this was done in part to allow Aussies (and other gamers who suffer from censorship) to get the uncensored, premium, DRM-free version of Witcher 2 from their site.

These guys are worth your money.

Perkel2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

If you are ausie then change your country to USA download it and play it.. No censhorship :)

Love GOG and their policy :)