Portal To Be Turned Into Animated Kid Flick

Now for something none of us saw coming… in a PR frenzy, WB released a statement this morning pretty much claiming the Valve franchise of “Portal” for their own money-making pockets. However, from the sounds of it — they’re going to do something pretty damned sinister with the title.

Ripped right from the press release, the upcoming game-based-flick is “a journey through Chell’s (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar) epic battle with GLaDOS (Helen Mirren), but this time, it’s all to find the lovable, ever-adoring companion cube named “Cubey” (Jerry Seinfeld). Warner Bros. is proud to announce that in 2012, EVERYONE can enjoy Portal!”

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an0nym0us2780d ago

Can't wait to see Warner screw this up.

Seijoru2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


Edit: That is for the people who actually believe this is real.

M4I0N32780d ago

seems like a facepalm squared to me :P

agentxk2780d ago

WTF!? No! Kind of disappointed in Valve for letting this happen. Next thing you know we are going to get a Saturday morning Left 4 Dead cartoon...

Tired2780d ago


Urmomlol2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

This is clearly fake and this website should be banned for intentionally posting fake news.

I love how SG think they're hilarious. It's actually kind of sad and pathetic, really. You guys aren't funny, no matter how desperately you try to be.

tdrules2780d ago

the site has been around for years.
maybe you would know that if you spent less time on N4G.
Same shit happens when Destructoid posts joke posts.
and for the record, neither Dtoid or SG puts their posts on N4G, others do

Urmomlol2780d ago

You're a fool if you honestly think SG doesn't post their crap on N4G personally.

And yes, they should be banned. They're a crap website that no one cares about --that's why they have to resort to posting fake news.

tdrules2780d ago

looking at his submissions, this is the first SG he's ever submitted.
get your facts straight

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The story is too old to be commented.