Capcom realizing multinational development ambitions

Capcom is finally realizing its much talked about multinational development ambitions as it brings together teams from Japan, North America and Europe to develop games for global audiences.

The recently announced Bionic Commando is perhaps the company's most ambitious project to date; developed by Swedish studio Grin under the eye of American Ben Judd – the first foreign producer at Capcom Japan – with guidance by Onimusha and Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune

With the proven success of Dead Rising and Lost Planet – where 90 per cent of sales were outside of Japan – the publisher is focused on catering specifically for American and European markets rather than just bringing Japanese content to the West.

"We're seeing larger growth in the US and European markets and a shrinking in the Japanese market," said Judd, speaking at the company's recent Gamers Day, held for the first time in Europe.

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