NPD Numbers: The Microsoft Take

You've seen the raw numbers, now read the Microsoft spin on them. There is no arguing that September was an amazing month for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft. The went from second to first place, pushed by the astounding sales of Halo 3. Here are some of their bullet points for the month:

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BLACKJACK VII4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Whoa. I'll say this, Sony fans you DO NOT want to read this article !!!

If nasim or lightning reads this, they will have a heart attack !!

Unbelieveable sales numbers.....

Looks like it's the CASH EFFECT for Microshizzle !!!

S1D3 EFFEC74073d ago

"Xbox 360 software revenue at retail outsold PS3's software portfolio 8:1 and Wii's 4:1, selling 3 times more than both platforms combined.
o For the month of September according to NPD, Xbox 360 software represented 74 percent of total software sales for the next generation market compared to 17 percent for Wii and 9 percent for PS3. Even without the sales of "Halo 3" the Xbox 360 portfolio outsold the PS3 portfolio 2:1.

Additionally, Xbox 360 is home to the best-selling games with the top-rated next-generation titles.
o According to the world-wide authority in entertainment reviews, Metacritic, Xbox 360 has 80 titles with a Metacritic review score of 80 or higher compared to just 31 for PS3 and 11 for Wii.

o Newly released title "The Orange Box" (Valve) and the highly anticipated title "Mass Effect" (Microsoft Game Studios) have both generated rankings of 97 and higher according to Metacritic. And not to forget "BioShock" (2KGames) which remains one of the year's highest rated games."

That amazes me.

SoulBrotha32924073d ago

i guarentee all th e ps3 guys gonna make up some big excuses and say suttin like oo this the wronc nalculatons

razer4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Looks like this has silenced the doubters..

(doesn't hold his breath)

BLACKJACK VII4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Damn razer, Mr. T is cool & all, but your last avatar was HOOOOOOOOOTTT !!!

Who was she anyway ???

games4fun4073d ago

sony didn't do to well that month... what?

Mallow4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

More BS by BS sites that have MS c0ck shoved up their asses


Yeah, I'm joking. Gee I wonder why ? Could it be that 360 has a ton more games out right now ? I mean that could be the key.
PS3 will get it's time in the sun when games release, uncharted, UT3, nov' area and in 2008 when the big PS3 titles hit but for now it's MS's ball, they have home court. Impressive numbers

STICKzophrenic4073d ago

...but you also have to remember that in its first year, it had the highest game attach rate in history. From launch until now, there has been nothing but an abundance of quality titles for Xbox 360.

I'd be interested to find out what the attach rate is currently and how much (if) it's changed in the past six months to a year or so.

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