The Most Profound Flash Game I Have Ever Played

"I’m a bored young school boy, so I spend a lot of time playing pointless flash games . . . then I stumbled upon this"- PureDarkness

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TheStonedSheep2731d ago

I was skeptical, but then I played it . . . wow.

maxcavsm2731d ago

No kidding, good catch PD.

Tainted Gene2731d ago

I kinda ruined the exp. for myself because

""spoiler"&quo t;" ???

I turned around looking for something in my room, then i heard the gunshot and I turned back to the screen and I saw that my square was gone. oh well

zootang2730d ago

That's the way games should be made, to affect you.

Oldman1002731d ago

Is it ok if i drew a penis using the blood?

PureDarkness2731d ago

It's ok... Not quite sure if it was the intended effect though...

Led-Zeppelin2731d ago

I hope America gets King Jong next.