15 Minutes of Call of duty :Black ops "escalation"

We bring over 15 minutes of gameplay maps package escalation, here in nicarevolution will show how it looks and plays each of the new maps to be putting together its strategy and when is the release day and we are already familiar no one will take you by surprise in the new maps, I hope to enjoy and remember always to share the content they bring.

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S_C2700d ago

This is looking to be the best map pack that has been released in any COD game.

SolidStoner2700d ago

sadly they F****d us hard before, and no one will buy it! Espessialy me! would give for it maximum 3$, they would get more money if they sell it cheaper, then just everyone who plays the game online would buy it.. now it costs 15$ and plus first pack 15$ (is 30$ for 10 maps) lol, I doubt even 30% of online COD gamers buy it. they are stupid milking developers, I like the game but I hate their milking.

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Wizziokid2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I haven't played COD in a long time but I might get this pack when it hits PSN. just for zombies of course

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