Sony sells CELL - Back to basics

Engadget, had earlier reported on the rumour that Sony were to sell it's share of CELL, of which was denied. Today it's became more clear that Sony is to sell it's share of CELL to Toshiba in a deal worth some $858 Million - According to an anonymous Sony Official.

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predator3926d ago

does this mean the ps4 wont have cell technology?

Azurite3926d ago

Would be surprised if it didn't.

Vojkan3926d ago

That is the question that even Sony does not know. It is still far away to make that decision.

Capt CHAOS3926d ago

Multi-core is the way to go, just easier to manage and code for and it's the architecture that's present on PCs and Servers already.. The CELL is better suited for specialised systems (DVD players, Audio/Video streaming, Number crunchers etc.)

Gamespot-equals-EGM3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I can almost guarentee it. It will be a probably beefed up Cell (maybe will have 10-12 SPU's and at a higher clock speed) but in essence it will still be a Cell processor.

I think Sony is just selling its ***manufacturing*** of Cell (currently done by IBM in its Fishkill, NY center as well as in Japan). Sony invested a ton of money for R&D of the Cell processor, I doubt they would flush all that time and money they poured into Cell on another, different processor. Makes no business sense to completely abandon using the Cell.

Plus, the Cell is a kick-a$$ processor.

CG3926d ago

The cell is NOT multi-core for idiot. Its a single core cpu with 8 SPU's! The SPU's are NOT a core and can only be used for specific tasks.

hazeblaze3926d ago

You are incorrect. The Cell is indeed multi-core as the SPU's can be assigned ANY task deemed necessary by the programmer. The only difference b/w the cell & the traditional multicore (besides having way more 'cores) is the way which the spu's share memory usage & use the bus. It is for that reason that it cannot directly be compared to a multicore, but it does indeed have more processing power and flexibility than a traditional multicore. The downside is that its resources are much more difficult to optimize.

eXplotion3926d ago

still owns 40% of the cell while Toshiba owns 60%. So we may still see Cell in the PS4

Gamespot-equals-EGM3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

CG and Captain Chaos, you two are such noobs.

Both the Cell and the Xbox 360's CPU's are multi-core. The key difference is Xbox 360's is **symmetrical** and while the Cell is **asymmetrical**.

That's important, symmetrical vs. asymmetrical.

Symmetrical- the Xbox 360 has pretty much 3 full-fledged CPU's all connected.

Asymmetrical- The Cell has one master CPU (called the PPE) and 8 slaves (the 8 SPE's). The PPE assigns tasks to the 8 slave SPE's.

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felman873926d ago

Manufacturing capabilities

AllanWakker3926d ago


Sony and Toshiba agree chip deal

Following rumours last month that Sony would sell its processor chip manufacturing facilities to Toshiba, the company has announced that it will enter into a joint venture instead.

The agreement, which should be completed by the end of March according to a report by Bloomberg, will see the transfer of manufacturing facilities to Toshiba, while manufacturing will come under the control of the Sony-Toshiba joint venture.

Both Sony and Toshiba have far reaching plans for Cell chips in their products.

Sorry fanboys, this is good news for Sony...

Vojkan3926d ago

Nice to hear it.

Anyway, that article from above was not confirmed by Sony. So i will wait to see final result and what folks from Sony have to say. I think that overll Sony invested to much money in CELL to just say "f..k it, we will sell this and we move on".

Korosuke3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

no, it comfirmed already by sony and toshiba.
you can check their press release from both company's web site.

hazeblaze3926d ago

Actually the press release for Toshiba confirms that they are merely entering a joint relationship for producion of the chip... didn't even bother to check Sony's after seeing that confirmation.

Loopy3926d ago

Ah... Business is really something you know.

On one end, Sony and Toshiba are warring for a hi-def format war...

On the other end, they are making love for a CPU chip...

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