IVG review: Shift 2: Unleashed

IVG writes : Shift 2: Unleashed can be best described as Hollywood’s take on motorsport racing. It’s the first and is most likely to be the only one of its kind. Slightly Mad Studios have set their sights set deep in simulation racing territory, rather than just bordering on the thin line between arcade and simulation racing. They call it ‘the most realistic racer ever’, so there is no doubt about who their target audience is even though the game carries the ‘Need for Speed’ tag.

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archemides5182786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

still too high for an unplayable game

Miths2786d ago

Too low a score. It's no iRacing or netKar Pro in the simulation aspects (but it's not really too far behind the ISI engine sims), but I've been enjoying the PC version immensely for weeks - although it took some time to dial in some good force feedback settings for my Logitech G25 through the Profiler software (it didn't feel too well with the typical recommendations), and additionally the default setups for most cars are way too soft.