SegmentNext - 5 Mistakes in Dragon Age 2 That Shouldn't Make It to Mass Effect 3

SegmentNext - "5 Most hated changes incorporated in Dragon Age 2 that should make their way to Mass Effect 3 else Bioware should already prepare the same reaction they endured with the release of Dragon Age 2".

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rabidpancakeburglar2790d ago

Mass Effect has a universe setting so I don't think that limiting the world will be an issue

sloth33952789d ago

dont make all all the levels have the same layout

NukaCola2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I just want the RPG elements to be increased to be where they were with Mass 1. Mass 2 is awesome but a little too actiony for me.

No_Pantaloons2789d ago

The number one thing should have been "dont halfass it, people will notice."

Not that it was all terrible, but even a blind man would notice the many many corner they cut to move DA2 out the door as fast as possible. Artistic design doesn't hide a garbage truck of recyclables and trash.