The Blu-ray HD DVD Stalemate

With no end in sight to this high-def battle, Sony and Toshiba prepare to sabotage yet another holiday buying season.

A year and a half ago PCMag's Lance Ulanoff declared Blu-ray a doomed technology. It's still around. Of course, so is HD DVD. The war of wills between Sony (Blu-ray) and Toshiba (HD DVD) has, if anything, deepened. And much to my chagrin, both formats are gaining traction in the marketplace.

This high-def battle will end badly.

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Bigmac5734075d ago

But this war is over. BD is kicking ass right now.

predator4075d ago

i cant believe ur a fanboy over a god dam movie format

AllanWakker4075d ago

"But this war is over. BD is kicking ass right now."

BluRay has been kicking ass ever since last year and it just keeps getting worse every month. There are about to be sold more BluRay players over the next couple of holiday months than all of the dead HD-DVD format players ever sold.

It's over. Move on. Get a life. The fact that you hate 'teh Sony' is going to bring HD-DVD back to life.

Rama262854075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I think having the two formats are actually harming each other. I know a lot of people are holding off until there is one 'clear' winner as they don't want to invest in something which could be useless a year later. I believe there is only a fraction of the people buying HD-DVD/Blu-Ray movies compared to if there was just one certain format. I'm sure it'd help get more movies in HD too with some studio's having to invest in making two products and some choosing not to at all(anyone wondering when LOTR is coming to HD?).

Then you have the matter of all the PS3 owners who have a blu-ray player built in to their system, and of course the Xbox users who might have purchased the HD-DVD add-on. All these people will be hoping their 'side' wins so that their system wont become 'out of date' in any way. Although, the PS3 will still continue to exist as game studio's will always use the space Blu-ray offers. Xbox users with their add-on will end up having to buy as many HD-DVD's are left to make any use out of it.

It's a mess and I wouldn't be surprised if this continues for a long long time and they both stick around. The two companies are too big to let things lye and for that reason I can't see their ever being a 'clear' winner.

grifter0244075d ago

I agree with you this whole war is actually starting to look bad from everyones perspective. I dont agree with how some people are waiting because they want to see a clear winner..... I always never understood that mentality so if HD loses all the discs are going to melt and you will never be able to watch them ever again? No you are still going to have some good movies in HD and thats whats important not what name is on the box but it seems to me thats what people care about more then actual picture quality or how good the movie was, Most people on here say that BR is the "SHYT!" because they have sooo much better movies and capacity on the disk and better picture quality. The only reason they say this is because its built into their console if it wasnt most people wouldnt have cared about this war and said whatever it doesnt affect me.

Andy your comment was pretty thoughtout but also shows how much of a fanboy you are to say you support neither one but keep on busting on HDDVD but never once said anything about how many disks were ruined because they try to put them on the BR 50cap. I agree that Trans didnt have Pure audio which was kinda sad but you gotta remember there are few people that have either a BR or HDdvd player and there are even fewer people who actually have a 7.1 Receiver that decodes True Audio and speakers that can take advantage of that, I see why they did this they knew its not mainstreamed yet and decided to put more features then something that the majority of consumers cant use at this time. Plus you say "Cheap" all the time but can you answer me this....why is BR still using MPG? While HD is using VC1? That I think it pretty cheap since most of the people keep saying HD has "Cheaper" picture quality.

AllanWakker4075d ago


The only people who are still pretending there is any sort of 'format war' are hardcore Microsoft fans.

BluRay won. Get over it.

The fact that Toshiba is still selling a tiny number of standalone players for the dead HD-DVD format is nothing but a irrelevant sideshow.

When Toshiba and Microsoft have to pay 150 million dollars to a couple of studios just to keep their new movies off of BluRay discs it should be perfectly clear just how dead HD-DVD is.

marcdz14075d ago

I personally don't mind if both formats survive but I do want to see Transformers in Blu-Ray. I ended up buying it in dvd yesterday. But I did buy 2 Blu-Ray movies and right now they have a special at Best Buy if you buy one you get one free. I also saw allot of people buying Blu-Ray movies yesterday including and old lady. They were flying off the shelves like hot pancakes.

RealityCheck4075d ago

Totally agree. That $150M was quite an act of desperation. Best example of artificial life support for a product; products should live and die naturally based of consumers voting with their wallets, not some shady corporate deals.

Rasulis4075d ago

Yes because using the ps2 fan base to create an artificial market for blu-ray isn't shady corporate tactics at all. The only reason blu-ray still exist and has a good chance of winning now is because Sony used the PS3 as a Trojan. Movie fans had spoken and they had chosen HD-DVD.

I know, blu-ray is needed for next generation games, and I agree completely, but Sony could of went with hd-dvd which was a more stable proven format, cheaper to manufacture, and easier to use at the time. However Sony wants blu-ray to win since they have a large investment in it so they used the PS3 and it's loyal consumer base to accomplish this gaol. That sir is just as shady or even more so then paying money to keep studios, but Sony is only a business and not a model of ethics.

Rooftrellen4074d ago

"The fact that Toshiba is still selling a tiny number of standalone players for the dead HD-DVD format is nothing but a irrelevant sideshow."

If you describe the number of HD DVD standalone players as tiny, how do you describe the number of bluray standalone players? PS3 is the vast majority of bluray player sales, and it's not standalone.

All I can figure from this statement is that you believe both formats are going to fail or exist together, because when you compare standalone sales as you have...

"products should live and die naturally based of consumers voting with their wallets, not some shady corporate deals."

I agree, but with all the exclusive support bluray mysteriously got without paying for it, this could not happen in this format war.

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titntin4075d ago

Whilst I believe blu ray may well be winning the war, the guy in this article has a vlaid point: the format war is ultimately delaying HD format adoption by the general consumer.

Most impartial observers would surely bet on blu-ray, it having more heavy weight backers and the PS3 effect, now that PS3's will start to shift in increasing numbers.

Certainly - I'm one who hopes for its quick dominance! I haven't bought the add on for my 360, so I play HD on bluray on the PS3! :) lol

g-nome4075d ago

Both sides look pretty desperate at this stage of the war , free movies, buy one get one free , price drops every other month , it's all good for the HD consumer(if your chosen format wins) . The HD-dvd camp should throw in the towel imo though.

THE_JUDGE4075d ago

Buy one get one free and cheaper players? Thats a good thing!!! As long as its on the Blu-ray side, more power to them and us!

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