PSN offline: hackers' attack or Sony's huge mess?

And 'now public knowledge that our beloved Playstation Network, which allows us to play online for free with our PS3, is henceforth to be offline for a week. But what is unknown is the source of the problem. Sony has clearly stated that it was "an illegal attack outside"-I quote the exact words of the japanese House-organized by a group of expert hackers.
I do not find the same view of the multinational Japanese and now I will explain my own theory, which you can agree or not.

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blitz0x2668d ago

I won't report this, but you may want to see:

mikiberto232668d ago

I think it's quite different... Then it's an opinion piece, so all the pieces are different each other.

blitz0x2668d ago

They all have the one thing in common: They are attempts to drive traffic to a website. I can't fault the site owners, and I understand that the text is different in each opinion piece, but all in all, they're the same story. The situation sucks, and we're all waiting for it to end so that everything can go back tithe way it was before.

ionlyneedonebubble2667d ago

Whoever is in charge of PSN security needs to be fired. That is the only compensation SONY owes me.

--------2667d ago

They don't hire security experts solely to prevent these attacks, they hire them to clean up the mess when these attacks inevitably do happen.

Shit happens, they have to deal with it somehow and that is what they're doing. I'm annoyed too, but it happens. All we can hope is that they've learned their lesson, and that they start providing us with a better service and real feature updates.

mikiberto232667d ago

Well, the less you spend, the better it is, isn't it?

Max_Dissatisfaction2667d ago

That guy really shouldn't have pushed that shiny big red button

2667d ago