Oversaturated by the PSN Media Explosion

"This article isn’t about the current status of the Playstation network. It isn’t about hackers, or the information leaks. Moreover, it’s a plea to the media outlets."

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Otheros002789d ago

Guess which site this picture came from.


I agree. They really need to stop reporting on the same thing over and over.

blitz0x2789d ago

You'll also note the time-stamp is in the image name lol.

Istanbull2789d ago

All these sites have shown their true inner Sony hate. I mean what the f*ck, they blew this way out of proportion. Did they do the same when their precious Xbox Live was down for 13 days back in 2008?

Go out or play singleplayer games, I just finished Yakuza 3 and it is the best singleplayer experience I had this gen!

agentxk2788d ago

I don't think it is hate for Sony as it is this is the hot story. The same thing happened with Geohot and Anon. This story has the hot hand, there are far more interesting things to report though...

agentxk2789d ago

Honestly, yeah. There are so many AAA titles on the way. There is a new system on it's way by a company struggling to hold it's market share. All sorts of fun stuff. My PS3 is mostly off until PSN goes live again, in the meantime there is still many Xbox games and PC games to play. Hell, go play the translated Mother 3 and then write some articles on why such a beautiful game never saw a legit translation and US release.

disturbing_flame2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

To me it's the opposite, i've never played so much on my PS3 since these last years. My xbox is sleeping now.
Even multiplatforms games that i used to take on my 360 i take them on PS3 now : Dead Space 2, mortal kombat, Portal 2 are some games i would have picked on 360 maybe in 2009/2010. i think i'll pik the PS3 version of LA Noire if the game runs smoothly on it too.
And i'm discovering PS3 exclusives like LBP 2, havn't played the first episode, Motorstorm apocalypse, MLB the show.
With Yakuza 4 i really enjoy, dope game, there's no more reason for the moment to play on my 360, i've too much game to play on PS3 for the moment.
On my PC i play Crysis 2, Total War and Recettear.
The last game i picked on 360 was Deathsmiles, really good game but nothing else makes me wanna play on it for the moment.
Curiously i thought it would never happen, i mean i never thought i would play so much on my PS3, the time when i was mainly playing on 360 is behind me for the moment, and actually i'm really enjoying the politic of sony delivering exclusives games every month with good multiplatform games, i prefer that to all the kinect thing microsoft is selling to me.

r212788d ago

try killzone 3, awesome game :)

Jdub895O2789d ago

These articles make me wanna go take a dump.

agentxk2788d ago

I felt bad even writing about Qriocity.

Sheikh Yerbouti2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Not a BIG big deal...

PSN is down, but I played games for years before the internet. Why should this stop me from playing PlayStation now?

If the security breach is inconveniencing you to change passwords and get credit reports...good. If you knew how much information is compromised everyday, you would do it anyway.