Anonymous: PSN Attack Is “A Crime To Make Money” writes: "With the PSN hack becoming more or less a mainstream issue with over 70 million accounts/users affected, it was obvious that many people would have thought that the Anonymous are behind this attack. However it was revealed to be otherwise."

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fluffydelusions2790d ago

Not sure why anyone would believe what they say. Probably just saying it because a) they are scared or b) save face

lociefer2790d ago

ya but hacking different sony sites and supporting a criminal that made developers loose their money because of pirated games is not

GrieverSoul2790d ago

I believe they believe they didnt do it!
Let me explain, these guys are a group of people that dont know themselves in person. These are guys who "hang-out" in chat channels talking about stuff. If they say they didnt do it, then they didnt do it. The trust they have in each other is based on chat words.

Still, they may say they didnt do it but Anon sure had some worries in coming up early saying they didnt do it. That is a little upsetting.

Remember, everybody is innocent in jail.

sikbeta2790d ago

"Anonymous group: PSN Attack Is “A Crime To Make Money"

"Anonymous member #10: hey how many accounts we checked already? I forgot to count :P "

"Anonymous member #04: like 250 more or less... man this is though, but hey, there are only 76,999,750 left" XD

gameseveryday2790d ago

I am actually a bit confused as well, because if anyone of you remember, there were a lot of news before this hack that the Anonymous will attack at such a large scale that cant be imagined by Sony.

Well that happened now with the PSN down for almost a week...but the million dollar question is were the Anonymous really behind this or some 3rd party wanting to take some advantage.

RufustheKing2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

yes i remember that about Anonymous saying they would attack. those greedy little B**tards. I have no doubt it was Anon. they have gone very quiet of late, when they were sending messages and videos and now nothing.

nycrekid2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

it's very obviously and likely that a real serious hacking group did this and it's not anon. Anon just set themselves up. I've been saying all along that real serious hackers don't go around advertising and blowing their own spot up. With Anon all over the news and online talking about hacking the psn and stuff all the attention was on them. These real hackers saw an opportunity to do this knowing the blame would probably fall on Anon.

It was perfect timing. It is very likely this was NOT Anon. It's like the mafia, the last thing you want to do is get yourself in the news. It always becomes your downfall.

Denethor_II2789d ago

nycrekid Lay of The Soprano's.

thesummerofgeorge2789d ago

So apparently this attack goes against Anon principles, yet they, at very least, created the situation which allowed people to do this... And yet they want to pretend that all along, they should have the right to hack the console, but not accept any responsibility for the inevitable subsequent fallout... NOW do you fuckers see why we all want you to quit hacking the PS3?

It's like saying you're against robbing banks, but believe you should have the right to help compromise the banks security. If you're going to unlock and open the door, as it were, you're just as guilty as those who walk through it thereafter.

AyeGee2789d ago


Who's "they"? Because i'm pretty sure not everybody associated with this amorphous collective was a part of this.. they did have good moments. Another thing, "they" can't accept any type of responsibility.. there is no leader.. so there is no real "group". It's just a blob of random people who support each other's beliefs.

thesummerofgeorge2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


I'm not sure your point. When I say 'they', I'm referring to Anonymous, Geohot, and anyone who involved themselves in the hacking of the PS3, or the despicable actions against Sony and PSN users.

a blob of random people who support each other's beliefs, IS a group btw.

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undercovrr2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

So even if they are saying something that actually is true (and what they said makes sense since credit card numbers were stolen) you are purposely not going to believe it just because it is Anon?

Nitrowolf22790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

My question is how the hell is a group full of unkown people suppose to keep an eye on all it's members? And Rashid Sayed said, they are the biggest suspect right now since they said hey would attack Sony in a large force and then this happens literally days after they said it.
Thats why so many people are blaming them.

At this point it's hard to believe who did it, but i am going with another party.

undercovrr2790d ago


I would also say another party for this reason only:

yes Anon did state that they would make a huge attack on Sony, but that's the perfect cover for the third party hackers to initiate their own plan(which they've probably been planning for a while). If successful (which it was) the attack will draw attention on Anonymous, further preventing the third party from being caught.

Also, I don't believe stealing credit card information and using it is part of Anonymous's MO, they just hack because they want Sony to suffer since their belief is that Sony deserves this. i don't think they want to personally attack the consumers.

However, the third party did just that - attack the consumers. Maybe it was some guys from Anon that the other members don't know about, but its highly unlikely

JohnnyMann4202790d ago

Yeah, they said they were planning an attack so hard no one could imagine blah blah.

So did they do it?

To think all Anon members are lil kids using DDoS attacks is rediculous.

I guarantee that Anon has plently of "real" hackers that know their way around systems no problem.

If Anon did this, they didn't do it to steal info. They did it to bring Sony down (over geohot, which is stupid)

To do this they needed to infiltrate the PSN to the point where Sony was forced to take down the service.

Sure Anon members will deny it now, but we all saw the videos and the #OpSony call to arms.

Well, sounds like some of your members listened to your warcries and got the bunch of you in deep shizz.

Perhaps you should choose who you attack more carefully and for the right reasons.

The whole country is messed up, corrupt, Fed Reserve etc and you go after SONY?

It's hard to take these wads seriously.

xAlmostPro2790d ago

They should change their name to Obvious

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LoneWanderer092790d ago

I just want everything to go back to normal

fedexas2790d ago

You and me both. PS3 users have been through hell and back with this, caught in the middle in this battle between Sony and hackers.

Drekken2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Don't worry... Sony has it covered: http://chzgifs.files.wordpr...

DragonKnight2790d ago

You know, it's pretty sad when Anonymous says something more accurate, and level-headed, and with the blame pointed at the right party than most of the idiotic comments that have been posted by the haters here.

I swear by reading the comments here this past week, you'd think Sony did this themselves and on purpose. So much misinformation and fanbot hate have been spewed against Sony when the true culprit that everyone should be angry with is the hackers.

Even now, people are STILL saying that CC information was lost by Sony, when even Sony themselves have not confirmed that that actually happened. They are taking the cautious route by informing people of the possibility, but that doesn't mean that it actually happened. But you won't hear that on this site. Nope, the vocal minority want Sony's head and are blaming them for the hack. *sigh*

And people say that imagination is dying.

undercovrr2790d ago

SHHH! Don't you dare agree with Anonymous, the N4G people will burn you on a stake!

DragonKnight2790d ago

It's not exactly Anonymous I'm agreeing with. It's the factual argument that a crime was committed against Sony. It seems that making that statement of fact is going against the grain ever since this issue arose. But regardless of who is saying it, it is a fact. A crime was committed against Sony and 77 million PSN users. And it wasn't committed by Sony.

Even if it's a representative of the group known as Anonymous saying it, one cannot argue against fact. Even though that seems to be an oxymoron here on N4G.

zoks3102790d ago

The irony of Anonymous escapes even themselves.

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