SOE plans to 'make good' to DC Universe Online and Free Realms players

XMNR: The on-going Playstation Network outage obviously affects all PSN users but it is particularly frustrating to DC Universe Online and Free Realms players who have paid subscriptions for the MMO games. Sony Online Entertainment intends to make it up to the players of their games however.

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DA_SHREDDER2787d ago

i have both subs running right now, but I'll be completely honest, if they brought cross game chat, I would forget this even happened. :)

BlackTar1872786d ago


I only care becasue i want to finish off my Tier 2 set. i have 4 pieces and 4 raid pieces i want all tier 2 on my healer so i can tier out my controller ;)

NewMonday2786d ago

I want a full set of T1 armor, and triple marks for a month, and an extended 1 month subscription.

Siesser2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

My only real concern throughout this whole debacle, now somewhat alleviated. Poor Ambrosius needs more leveling up - I was almost fully tiered :(

BlackTar1872786d ago

LOl i was just writing i was almost fully tierd this does make me sad. I was hoping today at the latest so i can get these raids in and have them reset for us. i am really sad now :(

xTruthx2786d ago

I still need like 3 more pieces of tier 2, have 76 skill points tho. Which server you in black ?

BlackTar1872786d ago

i'm on Crisis :( 76 your insane i have 54 i think. Im a nature healer with 1560 resto.
they are probably gonna merge servers

what about you?

Trebius2786d ago

I finished my tiers already ... i just wanna log on and pvp :(

Name's El Juancho.
No Man's Land
84 skill points (nerd)

xTruthx2786d ago

LOL el juancho, I think you know me :P, I'm in no mans land black. My names Light

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ThatCanadianGuy2786d ago

Im having serious DC cravings..

How PSN went down RIGHT before all the raids do their weekly reset..that sucked..

xTruthx2786d ago

lol! yeah, me and the league were talking which ones we were gonna do the day before and boom... this happened :(

cr33ping_death2786d ago

i have 1 more villain more to level up to 3o and i get my platinum :-) not really bothered with losing only 4 bucks worth of play time... but would be nice if they added these days to the accounts of people playing.

Bagsey682786d ago

Really missing DCUO,trying to pick up a bus in real life actually hurts.....ALOT

BlackTar1872786d ago

ROFL its ture the man speaks the truffff

despair2786d ago

I know right, first I threw out my back trying to toss a car, then I get the weird looks as I run around in my cape and tights trying to scale buildings. I mean cmon people DCUO is down I need my hero fix somewhere.

blackburn52786d ago

LOL! Good one. Glad to see people still have a sense of humour about this

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