The Intro Sequence of inFAMOUS 2

Watch the intro sequence of inFAMOUS 2 from a German Preview Event.

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ComboBreaker2399d ago

I like this better than those PS3 doom articles.

The Matrix2399d ago

I've personally never understood these opening videos of upcoming games. If you're interested in getting the game don't you want to wait and have the experience when you get the game?

PhilipLarkin2399d ago

Nice to see a ray of sunshine. Or lightning.

2399d ago
Scotty0562399d ago

It's horrible quality and all in German so you don't get much. Basically all clips from Infamous 1.

GraySnake2399d ago

though it seems like Empire City is still safe.. All the earlier previews were pointing to you getting your ass kicked right at the beginning. Also it looks like Moya gave Cole the intel about Sebastian Wolfe.

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