New product lets you play Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on the go

A recent listing from Amazon has revealed the G-155-Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System, a product that lets you play the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on the go.

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Op242520d ago

That looks nifty. But I betcha it'll cost ya the price of a full console lol.

Dark_king2520d ago

Yep 299 however with enough demand price could get lower.

blumatt2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

lol Usually, higher demand means higher prices. Hopefully not in this case, but that's how it usually is.

Still, this product does looks kinda cool.

M4I0N32520d ago

got to agree with blumatt, the trend is, the higher the demands, means higher prices. Corporations try to maximise on profits when they know they have demand for the longterm.

ChronoJoe2520d ago

I already have


All this appears to have over that is a bag? and I'm guessing doesn't clip on, so not as portable as the hori hd screen either...

just_looken2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

just like the ps3/360 laptop looks nice but hows the ventilation?


SixZeroFour2520d ago

wait...did that vid show that there is no portable power source? cause if thats the case, all it is is a case that can carry a tv and console for 299 which is totally not worth it

RevXM2520d ago

yeah prolly, but what hit me first was.

"Uhm ok so how will the console be able to cool if you strap it in that thing?"
Its like keep breathing in a ballon or something, its not going to end well.

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Relientk772520d ago


btw for the guy above me, its listed in the article:

The G-155-Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System costs $299.00 and will be released in North America on May 19th.

Eiffel2520d ago

$299? Gah. I'll stick to sitting stationary at home for my gaming.

Op242520d ago

overlooked that part. Maybe it's a sign I was hoping for a cheaper price tag haha

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Halo_Reach2520d ago

Cool enjoy your pc games than.

Xbox 3 will have 120x more power than that lol

Bear_Grylls2520d ago

About half the power actually.

sourav932520d ago

Really? Don't think next gen's gonna be that powerful....

omi25p2520d ago

where do you people buy your crystal balls from, mine can only see two hours ahead...

Kurt Russell2520d ago

There is a new generation 2 one available. You should upgrade. It comes with the ability to predict the future how you like it.

Bull5hifT2520d ago

looks like a 360 Death Machine, where the EFF' is the ventilation....overheats like wait for reviews' plus id need to get a slim

Bear_Grylls2520d ago

That is a very good point, it looks like a soft foam coffin you sit your console in.

Could get hot.

M4I0N32520d ago

hahaha "soft foam coffin" bubbles+ xD

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The story is too old to be commented.