Is it right to make and play games based on the current war?

A discussion of the ethical issues surrounding games like Call of Duty 4 that are set in modern combat situations. Is it right to so closely simulate real and present events for the sake of entertainment? An interesting read.

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Greysturm4075d ago

An interesting non flamebait article in N4G? I am shocked beyond words then again its probably not gonna get aproved for the same reasons. I beleive that games are just games in the end and part of the freedom of expresion that the western world ejoys in general, you are not forced to play them and as such they can have any message the designers desire.

Rooted_Dust4075d ago

Your right. Expression is constitutionally protected under the First Amendment. I just wouldn't play games based our current war, due to my beliefs. That was one of my biggest fears for the new COD4 game. I'm glad they chose to have a fictional conflict be the focus of the game.

ElementX4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I don't care either way. The public, however, would probably be appalled that the developer was "insensitive" or something. Who cares? People die in war. Future soldiers know they're lives could be in danger when they join the military. If a developer wants to create an Iraq war game, I say go for it. People will find something to complain about just to be heard.

ElementX4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

double post.

Skerj4075d ago

They're already making movies and other forms of entertainment based on the current war, why should we be held to different standards?

Bathyj4075d ago

I was just going to say what Skerj said.

If movie makers and authors and commercial media for that matter can all get a piece of the pie, why not game makers?

Anyway, war is just another form of business.

And heres a hint. Custom soundtracks. I used to love Conflict Desert Storm with System of a Down blarring while I killed. For some reason it was a good match.

Omegasyde4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I personally hope games get closer to actual tacticss and strategies we use in the military.

I was so impressed when Socom 1 (Ps2) came out. I then joined the military shortly after and noticed the game wasn't even close. I also thought full spectrum warrior, and Battlefield 2/1942/2142 were a joke. The closest to a battlefield scene perhaps that i experienced was Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.This games Omaha beach landing at Normandy (D-day) is about one of the most memorable. GRAW 1 and 2 also made decent attempts and were close but Ghost recon (the original ones for the PC) were way closer to strategic advances Vs an enemy.

But so far the closest game to an actual shootout is Rainbow 6:Las Vegas(- the 3rd person view). I believe COD4 will come somewhat close, but unfortunately the Games is steered more towards Arcade then actual simulation. For anyone that wants to steer more towards a realistic shooter try Delta Force 1 or 2 PC, Operation Flashpoint (PC), or the original SWAT games. They make look outdated but they have alot of tactital elements to them.

JsonHenry4074d ago

If the game is good I don't care WHAT they base the game on.

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Bazookajoe_834075d ago

How do you think they would portray it? A mission to set a country free from a dictator or to steal the country´s oil?

macalatus4075d ago

I personally have no problems with it as long it tastefully serves and respect the men and women proudly serving in the Armed Forces. That also means the game should be politically neutral.

do dirt mcgirt4075d ago

I personally dont have a problem with games based on modern warfare. i am a infantry soldier in the army and a two iraq me we love games like this and yes we do play a lot of video games in iraq in our spare time and a lot of the games are fps that invole a lot of killing. cod4 is not the first to use modern conflict. americas army and full specturm warrior are a few i remeber when full spectrum came out they had a big ass build board outside of fort stewart advertising the game. what pepole fail to realize is that games like that are good at recruting pepole to the military.

macalatus4075d ago

Hooah to you, bud!!

Being an Army veteran myself, any military-themed game is a potential recruiter of people. Now, I'm NOT saying this from a liberal's point-of-view, but military-themed video games, whether or not it is geared specifically for recruitment, will always be one of the first impressions people (kids this generation) get about actual military service. The problem? They have no freakin' clue what military discipline is.

pilotpistolpete4075d ago

It's a touchy subject no doubt. I really haven't seen a Vietnam based game, and Iraq seems to be heading the same way in terms of lasting appeal. We've been seeing alot of middle east themes games, but they aren't specific to the current Iraq war. I wonder if MGS4 is just coincidental, or if it's really about a bigger picture.

It's odd to see all these games based on a fictional war, yet they always revolve around an unknown middle eastern country. Makes you wonder if the people behind the project are trying to say something.

macalatus4075d ago

If a game is made in the current Iraq war, two things will be made: It is either a neo-con or a liberal propaganda. Heck, heated arguments were made in Gamespot about GRAW 2 (when it first came out) being an American right-wing propaganda bent on exploiting the illegal immigration issues. Area 51: Blacksite on the other hand also got attacked in Gamespot for not-too-ambiguous anti-Iraq war message (Silent Hill 5 could also possibly suspected for anti-war messages due to the main charater's back story). Though I really don't have problems with a game based in Iraq as long as it is respectful to the American service members and no strong political message, I see why there would be problems making it.

Omegasyde4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

ShellShock: Nam '67 (ps2) and battlefield: vietnam are two game let alone a lot of budget Pc shooters.

The games are out there but they don't sell well. In fact Shellshock was Guerilla games (creators of Killzone 2) first console game, which also came out on the Xbox.

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