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Michael B Jordan replaces Drake as Jace in Gears of War 3

XMNR: The Gears of War 3 voicecast sees a bit of shake up as hip-hop artist Drake is replaced by actor Michael B Jordan. (Gears of War 3, Xbox 360)

CrzyFooL  +   1592d ago
Michael Jordan? Oh snap. :-p
Blaze929  +   1591d ago
hmm, I kinda wish they'd release a sample of Drake's work. Maybe he wasn't working out or his schedule wasn't (I believe he's currently on tour).

I mean he's an ok actor I suppose so voice acting couldn't have been that bad. But this MJ dude - never heard of him.
NoobJobz  +   1592d ago
Hmm. I wonder what the reason for the switch was?
soundslike  +   1592d ago
Most of Drake's fans probably fall into the "jungle fever 15 year old girls" demographic.

Because when I think about curb stomps, I think "teenie boppers"
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49erguy  +   1592d ago
His voice sounds too "skinny" for such a muscular character. Not a good fit IMO.
NoobJobz  +   1592d ago
The character looks like Ludacris IMO. I think his voice fits too.
KwietStorm  +   1591d ago
I thought he looked like Shawn Wayans in game. The voice doesn't fit either way.
SonyNGP  +   1592d ago
Who and who?
user858621  +   1592d ago
Honestly living in the UK a dont know much about Micheal Jordon, apart from him playing basketball and being in that spacejam movie, so I doubt id even recognise him when hes talking in gears 3
Eiffel  +   1592d ago
Two entirely different people, lol.
Johandevries  +   1591d ago
I thought of the same thing.

Should be a yank only topic
user858621  +   1591d ago
ohhh nevamind then... lol
Reefskye  +   1591d ago
Lol from UK to and was thinking same as u waseem :P
BIGBOSS08  +   1592d ago
can epic just make the characters look normal in geow3, im sick of them being fucking bigger than dinosaurs. at least that way marcus can move his fat ass more easily.
BlackKnight  +   1591d ago
Why? Some games have buff characters, some have normal looking, some have everyone thin.

VARIETY is ok. Don't knock on different studios' art style...
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BX81  +   1591d ago
Then don't play it. Go play uncharted or Force unleashed. Gears will always be big and bad ass. Let's get master chief into a jogging suit while we're at it. I mean sure they could change it up a little. The characters look different in this one but unless you cut off the steriod MSR's and ASR's you're SOL my friend.
kaveti6616  +   1591d ago
Can Guerrilla make Helghast that don't all speak in the same exact accent?
n4f  +   1591d ago
nice cant stand drake voice
Finger-Eater  +   1591d ago
What voice? Oh that half robotic auto tuned voice? Never new that was an actual human voice.
n4f  +   1591d ago
i knew it skynet was behind it
hermie  +   1591d ago
Makes sense, it would be strange for a video game character to have a vocoder on his voice the whole time.
zeal0us  +   1591d ago
Drake is a good rapper and maybe even better tv show(DeGrassi) actor, but Micheal seem like a better option
Drake tend to sound younger, sure sound designers could fix it but MBJ tend/seem to sound older and more mature for the job. Beside do we really need two hip-hop artist(voice) on the same game.

I wonder why the switch, maybe Drake wasn't taking it serious or been too busy with music.
mananimal  +   1591d ago
let the PR machine roll on!...the media will use anything to sell a game, now im suppose to be excited as Black American , cause GOW3 has more black characters this time???!!lol, LOOK:ITS STILL GOW2.1, they screwed themselves when they didn't get the multi-player right on GOW2, then they screwed themselves by not allowing you to pick which map you want to play on like GOW1, and for what?? did taking away my freedom of choice, make my GOW EXP better? NOPE!! so then, they F_CKED themselves again, GOW3 DOES NOT look that much better than GOW2, Ive moved on, and wont be back, Nuff said
Raven_Nomad  +   1591d ago
Nice wall of text there buddy. Gears 3 looks heads and shoulders above Gears 2, and I've only played the beta, but any fool can see it look's superior.

Have you played Gears 2 online within the last year? They have a social lobby where you pick your map.

I suspect your butthurt over something, so I'll leave you to your rants.
mananimal  +   1591d ago
lol, yes my butt is hurting, over the "EPIC FAIL", of GOW2, hmmm So how long did you have 2take it in the butt, b4 they finally fixed GOW2?LOLOL exactly 2freakin long ...and Head and Shoulders, is an exaggeration, the engine did not scale to "Leaps and Bounds", over GOW2, your just drinkin the koolaid, and you like it in the butt.
Raven_Nomad  +   1591d ago
To be honest I never played Gears 2 online till about a year and a half ago, even in that time the online has been so much improved I really came to love it.

They even added dedicated servers to the social maps. I have no complaints about Gears of War 2 online or otherwise.

As for Gears 3, I have only played a "BETA" of the game which doesn't come out for six more months. The beta looks better in the online then any other Gears title, even Gears 2 campaign.

If this is an indication of how amazing Gears 3 will look then I am sold 100%.

I am loving the TDM mode on the beta, the Lancers are where they should be, it takes skill to kill people with those, as opposed to camping behind a corner and getting a lucky two piece or one shot kill.

It's your loss if you want to sit here and act like a child, I have better things to do. Go play some PS3 or something kid.
Morbius420  +   1591d ago
go ahead and move on. we won't miss you.
munish23  +   1591d ago
Yes, I am from Toronto, but I hate Drake. I feel he really changed his music once he became "big." Hate his voice as well, hopefully this guy is a good fit for Gears.
Raven_Nomad  +   1591d ago
Gears always has solid voice work, I actually am not a fan of Drake and most likely his character wasn't going to be in the game much anyway. Cant wait to play the game, the beta is smooth and tight.
SwiftShot  +   1591d ago
U all do know this ain't the basketball player?
I'm glad Drake ain't doing the voice.

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