Rockstar Confirms L.A. Noire Exclusive PS3 Details Coming Soon

Today on the comments section a member asked about the exclusive PS3 details that Amazon and Gamestop are showing on their boxart images. Our forum member KTR brought this to our attention a few days ago, and now we have confirmation!

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sinncross2776d ago

Exclusive content is always welcomed :)

IllusionRSN2776d ago

There was a time when L.A. Noire was going to be exclusive to PS3, maybe they are doing this to not make PS3 owners as mad, aahaha!

firelogic2776d ago

That's why they announced The Agent. A game that's completely vaporware.

jony_dols2776d ago

Did Alan Wake turn out to be vapourware?
If I remember correctly AW was announced at E3 June 2005, and was eventually released May 2010.

Agent was announced at E3 2009. So going by Alan Wake's demographic, we still have another 3 years before it should be even considered as vapourware.

yewles12776d ago

"Exclusive content is always welcomed :)"

Not when it's DLC you can easily put in the disc.

Focker4202776d ago

Luckily there are discs that have enough space to allow for such additional content... (blu-ray)

Dramscus2776d ago

Exclusive content is nonsense. It's holding up content from another console for no reason other than beurocracy.
I'm all for exclusive games, but exclusive DLC, give me a break, give everyone a break for cryin out loud.

FAGOL2776d ago

No point complaining. Exclusive content is here to stay. These exclusive 'deals' make alot of money. Developing a game like L.A.Noire is costly. So making some money in advance with deals like this helps ease the financial strain.

Plus the content is most likely to be timed exclusive. I doubt DLC like this is going to be heldback from the 360 forever.

thedisagreefairy2776d ago

i dont agree with it either, but call of duty has exclusive content for 360, so sh!t happens. but im guessing the whole past "exclusive" tag the game had probably pushed them into this decision for ps3 rockstar fans.

sinncross2775d ago

MS has timed exclusive content with COD.
Sony actually picks up content that stays exclusive, like playable Joker challenges in Batman AA.

Godchild10202776d ago

Great stuff, I can't wait to see more details on that case.

stylez842776d ago

They must feel bad about the GTA IV Xbox exclusive lol

IllusionRSN2776d ago

HAH, that pissed a lot of PS3 owners off! But MSFT has a lot of money and Rockstar likes money! haha

InfiniteJustice2776d ago

So RDR had a gang hideout (quite a fun one, too) exclusive on PS3. So probably an extra side case or something like that I'm guessing?

jizzyjones2776d ago

Agent teaser? jus kiddin

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