Why, Anonymous, Why?

R834 finds the PS3 hacking scenario annoying, but the fact that Anonymous is targeting with DDoS attacks is making him wonder: Why are they doing it? and Who is really losing, Sony or the customers?


I am in the process of writing a follow up article addressing the main points from all the comments. If you would like to express your opinion on the matter, comment on N4G or in the comment box on our site, or email me at [email protected]

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GrieverSoul2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

"Why, Anonymous, Why?"

Answer: Attention!! They want attention!!
Their pursuit for freedom of speech is making them look like fanatics. They remind me of some sort of terrorist group (and after that video...). Either it goes their way or it doenst go anyway.

These guys seriously need to get their head checked.

TotalPS3Fanboy2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

GeoHot: "When you take something from someone else without permission, you are not stealing. No. You're only LIBERATING the thing that you are taking. For example, you have ENSLAVED your password to your mind, however, RIGHTOUS hackers have the DIVINE RIGHT to LIBRATE that password from your RICH mind and give it to the POOR people of the INTERNET, the PIRATES."

Hackers: "In the name of the Divine Basement Dwellers, I claim Sony's Intellectual Property for the Pirates of the Internet, as set forth in the Manifest Destiny of the Hacker Mind."

Derekvinyard132808d ago

you guys can talk shit about them all you want but there not going to stop. they recently destroyed the church that hates gay people.( think its south baptist) they released all there documents. sony better have some real good tech guys because this isnt going to end. @ Griev- i thought it was attention to untill they took down the website and [email protected] a while back. intresting stuff tho, looking to see what happens when sony fires back

sdtarm2808d ago

The should grow the fuck up and get a life

Oxymoron0282808d ago

Derekvinyard, it's the West Borrow Baptist Church, and no they haven't been destroyed. Anonymous just inconvenienced them. Nothing more.

fantasygamer2808d ago

@ Derekvinyard13

I applaud them for attacking that disgusting church of crazy people. BUT! this is a different matter this is a entertainment company and what they are doing is hurting the consumers.

Also PSN is a free service for people who buy there games and follow the rules. hackers and thieves should be banned.

morganfell2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

As shuri on Neogaf stated:

"From the depth of mom's basement I stab at thee!!"

And another good thought that was posted in the same thread,

"Why does stuff like "we have the right to" so often come from people who don't actually produce anything?"

evrfighter2808d ago

They also brought down that law firm that bullies torrenters into settling out of court. I believe the UK prime minister denounced that law firm after anon got through with them.

Active Reload2808d ago

I can see how this can be annoying especially with the method(s) Sony uses to handle the situation. It could be a double whammy for some people--ones that play online--seeing as though 1. Sony takes PSN down for maintence 2. Sony starts with the update/patches for the security threats. If you don't play games online then you'll probably be lucky only getting hit with #2....

Oner2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I posted this the other day about GeoNot...funny how it also applies here as well ~

2808d ago
HolyOrangeCows2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

From West Burrow for hate and Scientology for brainwashing, to Sony for protecting their intellectual properties?

Someone has not only forgotten, but also lost sight of what's important.

Futurama, Kidnapster :)

Koblec2808d ago

Sony is simply too huge a company for a butt-hurt group of basement dwellers to take down. Anonymous can only do so much.

zag2808d ago

An interesting fact.

Anon claim to be about freedom.

Yet don't want to give any of their own personal details out about themselves.

So they really aren't about freedom at all.

This will just get SOny to bring in the police etc and round up these people they'll also be put under the terroit group banner.

these people can say/do what they think, yet once they are placed in that basket, all their bank account will be frozen and and while you think you can run while on the net, you can't really run in the real world.

I_find_it_funny2808d ago

cos he's a butthurt idiot thinking he's fighting for something

how dare he talk about Sony customers when he's the one who's downloading free games

Moentjers2808d ago

someone should hack his creditcard and liberate his money to the world !


RedDragan2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Anon are not in this for the people, they have never done anything for me.

I wouldn't be suprised if one day another group is born with the sole aim of exposing the bank accounts of all Anon members, as well as their home addresses and names.

It could happen, alot of genuine people are getting annoyed with the Anon group. They may yet have to reap what they sow.

sikbeta2808d ago

All this douche-hackers always tend to act like communists who think Intellectual Property doesn't mean anything!? Grow the F**K UP!!

DragonKnight2808d ago

Does Anon have a website they use? Wouldn't it be ironic if Sony organized a DDoS against them if they do? Lol. I'd do it if I were Sony just for the lulz.

FarEastOrient2807d ago

This does not make sense! Attack Sony but not organizations like Gadhafi, Ivory Coast, Syria, Burma, and etc. Freedom of Speech, these guys are hypocrites for attacking a company protecting IP while the world is going through changes.

hazardman2807d ago

WTF, really. They have a pirate hacker code..hahahahaahahaaha...hahaa hahahahaahaha!!!!

paintsville2807d ago

Wow. This thing is really getting out of control. It's pretty simple really. If he broke the law then there grounds for Sony's actions. If not then Sony should back off. If hackers are attacking Sony's sites and distributing personal information about their employess that's against the law and they should be stopped. The law is the law period.

gamingdroid2807d ago

"An interesting fact.

Anon claim to be about freedom.

Yet don't want to give any of their own personal details out about themselves."

I will repeat what I said when somebody else made the same comment you did:

"Free speech is unrelated to privacy. In fact, free speech means you can say "things" without being persecuted so why would you need their information?"

Gothdom2807d ago

By doing what they're doing, if Anonymous' informations about their members would come out, psn users could create a class-action lawsuit on them.

Also, by "attacking" the judge, they're basically creating their own grave. It is a criminal offense.. And it might tighten the grip the US will have on software rights.

I think these actions will only result in aggravating their own case.

thats_just_prime2807d ago

Wow n4g has got to be the largest collection on ingorant hypocrites on the web. Every single person on here has illegally down at least one song in there live. bet over 90% have illegally downlaod or watch a movie online and it common play for people to brag about how mean games they play illeaglly on emulators. you fangirls a f'ing pathetic and the one that need to get a life. You think $ony give a shit about you ? Get real and you are maddly in love with a piece of plast with a few wire in. Bet more then one or twon of you take them to bed and try to have sex with it.

$ony are also hypocrites. They are all pissed off ate geohotsz. For "stealin" from them. and bte he didnt steal anything the law is if you buy something you own and can do what ever you want with it. When $ony steal all the time they stoled rumble tech. Leaving the ps3 with not rumbele control till $ony was fond guilty in a court of law and had to pay the rightful owners of that tech millions. $ony also shipped the ps2 out knowing it never worked (remember DRE ) and again it $ony was fond guilty in a court of law.

So $ony done more to hurt it customers then Anonymous could ever hope to

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Thatguy-3102808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Is anyone else having trouble logging on to psn?

Is it because of the hacking war going on ? =/

Elvfam5112808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I am...

It might be....

"PlayStation Network Connection Issues April 4, 2011

You may experience intermittent connection issues with the PlayStation Network. We are aware of the issue and are attempting to correct this as soon as possible. If you are having issues connecting online, try connecting at a later time. We apologize of any inconvenience.
Dring this time you may:

Not be able to access the PlayStation®Store
Have difficulty signing in to the PlayStation®Network
Not be able to play online games
See a maintenance page when attempting to access the PlayStation®Network

Note: When you log into the PlayStation Network, a message may appear which states, "the PlayStation Network has been suspended". This does not mean that your account has been suspended; it simply means the PlayStation Network has been taken offline. Please wait until the maintenance window has passed before attempting to connect to the PlayStation Network again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. "

Thatguy-3102808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

This is the reason why hackers really Grind My Gears !!!!!! First they plague some of the games I play online and now their actions are prohibiting from playing ,streaming etc. All together !! >=|
Hopefully Sony teaches them the same lesson their teaching GeoHot
Why won't people learn from others mistakes?

Scrupuless2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

You guys really don't see the big picture do you, in this day in age we are in the middle of defining informatoin technology, and the right of people to access and build upon that knoweldge. This becomes increasingly difficult when the major corporations of the world decide to put a vice grip on tech and tech based info. We the people make and design this technology, sure in this example the proprietary code in question was deveolped by sony employees, it was none the less a human feat, that sony as a corparation "owns". Whilst this may be a standard for today, i would hope in the future that we could see beyond our and their selfish needs. Sony is only protecting there profitabilty and thus survivability in todays social econimic environment, free the informatoin technology and humanity will benefit. Albeit this particular example is not so much going to benefit the world as a whole, but in principle i believe it to be morally correct. A more extreme and relatable example would be pharmcutical corparatoins and all the the greed they demonstarte through not sharing their life saving medications with us, instead if you cannot afford your mediatoin you suffer. Principly these are the same issue,technicle information must be liberated, , corporations and governments have a right to hand the power and knowledge, we have been strong armed into give them, back to us. Human ingenuity is the mother of progress, not free enterprise and certainly not the blood sucking corporations of the world, ya dig!

RedDragan2808d ago

Matthew, lets get one thing straight.

If you and your fellow Anon members got their way then their would be no money in medication and that would mean no medication at all.

Cease your operations because you are scum!

UnwanteDreamz2807d ago

Red Dragon is right. Who produces the code the devices etc..? Not hackers they only manipulate another persons hard work. Sony is a large corporation but what about the small time guy in his basment working on a piece of software or an application that he has created? Shouldn't this person have his work protected? What about these large corp? Without them who would fund the intelligent minds of creators?

Your logic has flaws. In a perfect world everything would be free, but who would work to make these things and what would be their compensation?

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Jezuz2808d ago

NO, they aren't attention whores. Just doing what they do, so when Anon brought down the girl throwing puppies into a river ? It was all for attention?

zag2808d ago

Anon wouldn't have done shit.

People would have brought that bit of info to the police law etc.

Anon are just going to piss off every single person who wishes to use the PSN etc.

That is besides the point of pissing off a multi billion dollar company, that can happily pay for PD to chase down these people.

You can hide from your birth cert, bank accounts, houses, loans, taxes, jobs.

People though Sony would never find Graf who got busted with in 2 weeks of posting stuff.

These Anon people only assume they can get pinged.

RankFTW2808d ago

There's a difference between somebody casually murdering puppies and someone protecing their IP.

madara0sama2807d ago

The anons that brought down that girl differs from these basement dwellers. There are billions of anon do not forget that fact. I for one can't wait till Sony catches these idiots and put them in jail. Who honestly supports these hackers but stupid kids that want free games. Might as well attack Walmart instead.

gapecanpie2808d ago

This whole situation reminds me of this....

"Some men aren't looking for anything logical.
They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with.Some men just want to watch the world burn." - Alfred, Bruce Wayne's Butler

DarkSpawnClone2808d ago

that sounds like every one on N4G .. Batman has alot of work to do here.

tawak2808d ago

what if Anonymous is <--> major nelson =D

lelo2play2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I don't agree with hacking... but I believe a PS3 owner has the right to do what the hell he wants with it. He bought it, so it's his to do what ever he wants. If he want's to install custom firmware then it's his problem. It's the same as buying a PC that comes with Windows OS, and you want to install another OS but can't because the pc manufacturer strictly prohibits it. Sony should just back the fuck off... and try to improve the PS3 security with better patches. Apple had the same problem... and what resulted from that is that it made jailbreaking a phone totally legal.

BTW ... from the article...

"When games aren't even that expensive, why not just buy legally? Please?"

Where I live a new console game at the store costs 65€-70€. If you say that's not expensive for a game, then you must be a rich man. I normally buy them from UK's ebay for 30-35£... and I still find them expensive.

Software companies should seriously try to sell games cheaper. The way this is going, the next console generation are going to have games at 100€ (this generation already has special edition games at 100€+ ).

xxBiG_BoSSxx2808d ago

owning something does not give you free reign to do whatever you want with it if that action affects others. owning your own home does not permit you to erect a fifty foot wall around its perimeter. or smear it with feces. it would diminish property value, thus affecting the value of your neighbors property. installing cfw is not the problem. its sharing the directions to do so that is.

if information should be free then so should everything. but that makes no sense. i think information, much like respect or money should be earned. hackers aren't born jailbraking anything other than the womb. they work at it. people who haven't should not be given the information to hack or install cfw because those people will more than likely not run homebrew apps and just pirate games and eff up the play experience of others cause they are looking for the easiest path.

also, accounting for inflation games are actually much cheaper than they should be. disc based games have consistently been in the $50-$60 range since 1995, and cartridge games were costing $80 in the 1980's.

zag2808d ago

So you buy car.

That gives me the right to steal it and you don't give a fuck about it.

great stuff love it.

Nivalis2808d ago

"Sony should just back the fuck off... and try to improve the PS3 security with better patches."

They have done so, hence why pirates and cfw users can't currently use PSN, and you'll note too that they're not actually attacking anyone who jailbreaks their machine, they actually sent out a polite email to everyone with a detected device/cfw, asking them to update or face losing access to psn.

The only people they're going after, are the main people that allowed piracy to become a problem, don't make it in to some major war where Sony are out to sue every last living soul with cfw installed, because they're not.

I fail to see how them wanting to protect their customers from hackers and cheaters, and protect their business by attempting to stop piracy, and taking to court those that caused the problem, applies to the average joe who just installed a cfw.

ravinash2808d ago

So that means I have the right to buy a car and then remove the brakes so it will go faster.

What ever you buy you can do what you want with it within REASON.
Fact is you can take a hammer to your PS3 if you want, but if you take the property rights of the code that is running on the PC and then give or sell the items out to others, then that is stealing.

Its very simple, so stop trying to justify it by saying your brought it. because you didn' brought the software and agreed to their conditions when you started to use it.

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an0nym0us2808d ago

I only hack ps3 games to distribute it on the internet for everyone to download for free.

Morbius4202808d ago

that makes you part of the problem and also an ass.

ravinash2808d ago

..and in so doing making sure the developers get no more money as so close and then no one will have games.
Yeah, nice one!

zeal0us2808d ago

They are only doing what THEY believe is right.

hakis862807d ago

I guess we can call this a classic case of pouring petrol on the blazing fire.

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Octo12808d ago

Well written article that makes a lot of sense. Sadly only a few people will actually get it :S

kenpachi2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

We are anonymous

We are worthless

We are virgins

We are to pu$$y to show our real names

We will not forget that you prevented us from Pirating game

We mad.

electricshadow2808d ago

I lol'd. +bubs for making me laugh.

Pwee2808d ago

lol, funny cause its truee!

chaos-lockheart2808d ago

not just pirate games, ruining the whole online experience, for people want to play the game.

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PirateThom2808d ago

It's annoying me, but not because of Sony because some low lifes are stopping me from accessing it.

El-Fenemeno12132808d ago

"Do you guys remember that recent PS3 update with all those great new features? No, me neither, because all of the recent updates are security patches!"


trounbyfire2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

point is what

we got clouds saves and new crap is coming

they didn't drop everything to make sec. updates thing were already being worked on

Ares842808d ago

Clearly you are a moron if you can't figure that out but let me help you.

Sony must focus all of it's efforts on making the PS3 more secure instead of new features and functionality because....guess....guess...fu cking hackers.

Now, you know as well. Congratulations!

El-Fenemeno12132808d ago

point is if this bullshit continues there might be a lack of new features because of money being used on security. In the end the consumers are suffering cause of it.

C'mon every time I see an update I think to myself it must be more fucking security measures. Yea -_-, i don't want it to stay that way

BubbleSniper2808d ago

his point--->

--->because hackers keep @ it on Sony

so instead of puttin new features an givin us a lil somethin extra... hackers make SONY focus nstead on security measures...

they gotta protect they own ass before anything or wont be any features to handout!


BubbleSniper2808d ago

i see your new edit with...

ofcourse they dint drop everythin to make it more secure...

they still gonna roll features out, but will be less

basically it disrupt the flow of feature wed get anyhow!

there no right to this any way you look at it unless it just STOPS

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PirateThom2808d ago

Pretty sure I got cloud storage with the last one.

El-Fenemeno12132808d ago

Plus did. Not everyone. So if that continues they will essentially have to charge us to gain new features. Seems fair =D /s

P.S. i got plus to and i still care

hesido2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

You have to understand why cloud saves are a paid service, it takes real resources to build it into the game os, store the info and make that info safe, and Sony needs to offload the costs of PSN from somewhere, and make Plus subscription a worthy investment. However, some games could come with cloud save feature even for users without Plus.

That said, if cross game chat if it ever comes will be a plus feature, it will be worthless.

SnakeMustDie2808d ago

Didn't Sony released a patch for Cloud Storage weeks ago?