God of War 4 leaked via resume

SystemLink: "If there is one thing that the gaming world is currently lacking, it’s Ancient Greek Gods, gratuitous violence, and a certain Spartan warrior named Kratos. However, SystemLink has reason to believe that might be about to change."

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PhilipLarkin2336d ago

Man, this is awesome! I didn't think PS3 could get any more exclusives...

Kon2336d ago

Well, i have to check this out, even if i'm not much of a Sony fan.

captain-obvious2336d ago

as much i would like to see a new GOW
i want SM to make us a new IP

Imtey2336d ago

Yeah, forget gow4, we need a new IP for from SM studios :(

Kratos is getting stale, weve already seen him twice this year...

malamdra2336d ago

so beyond this year we have so far:

final fantasy versus 13
warhawk 2 (starhawk)
horizon (David Cage's new game)
god of war 3
Metal Gear or Zone of the Enders

lociefer2336d ago


Wenis2336d ago

Wow talk about milking!!!

Oh wait this is a Sony game nevermind. it will be awesome then!!!1

Nineball21122336d ago

I think maybe the W should be a P, eh Wenis?

Yeah, it's milking, but you could have stated your opinion about that without the dripping sarcasm.

OT: I'm always up for some God of War. I've enjoyed every single iteration of them that I"ve played.

Shang-Long2336d ago


how many halo games have been released on the 360
how many mario games on the wII
now how many gow games on the ps3...

seems like alot since its on 4 but the 1st two were on the ps2 and the 2nd one came out when the ps3 launch.

ExplosionSauce2336d ago

With a slightly different gameplay.

But we'll just have to wait and see what this is all about.

Crystallis2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Put that fanyboyism aside and play GOW..better yet play GOW3, its one the best titles this gen.

cochise3132336d ago

If you're not a sony fan then why keep coming into these threads?

juggulator2336d ago

It's probably definately true. I saw a behind the scenes vid of the development for GOW3 and I could see them using Autodesk Maya on some of the monitors. I'm currently learning Maya 2011 through a college character develpoment course. Hopefull one day i'll be as good as some of those guys.

Dee_912336d ago

xbot using terms he has no idea what it mean
how sad

HardCover2336d ago

I agree captain-obvious

Santa Monica said after 3 they'd give Kratos a rest for some time(except on PSP).

A bit disappointing to see something familiar instead of something fresh.

Biggest2336d ago

I'd like to see SMS do something with the God of War 3 engine. Heavenly Sword 2 would be a great idea. Either way, I'm sure I'll enjoy it. The God of War franchise has yet to disappoint.

Jaces2336d ago

I'm actually looking forward to another GoW game, though I have to admit I don't know where they are going to go now with the story.

moparful992336d ago

@juggulator... I'm learning maya and 3ds max!!! It's freaking awesome.. I can't wait to graduate and start putting my resume in with some studios.. I'm thinkin santa monica or insomniac... I hope they take me, I'm currently working on my own character design and I plan on using it in my portfolio to show potential employers...

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FACTUAL evidence2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Oh my God of war! If this is real......YAY!


LMFAO! That's funny, my G'ma is a Jehova witness.

BiggCMan2336d ago

Well as much as I want this to happen, i'm not holding my breath for it just yet. This really doesn't mean a whole lot, and I will wait for hard evidence and a proper reveal. I have a minor question for those with a PSP though. How are the two games on PSP? Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta? They look fantastic to me, I've just never got the chance to play them.

malamdra2336d ago

they're good but not that great

kratos1232336d ago

there epic ghost of sparta trully has the best story out off all the games get them now

FinalSpartan2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

no they are good. Ghost of Sparta was great! more back story with his brother and that. Ending battle was great. I enjoyed Ghost of Sparta more then Chains of olympus. That one was abit boring. But Ghost Of Sparta was cool.

GOW III was a wicked game! One of my favourites.

waltyftm2336d ago

They are pure class, You will not be dissapointed with them.

mastiffchild2336d ago

The two GOW PSP entries are amazing to my mind. To pull off the epic scale synonymous with GOW1 and 2 you could expect PS3 and GOW3 to be stunning(which it indeed remains to this day-fantastic game)but to do it twice on the small screen of the PSP is little short of magical.

The gaps filled in Kratos' backstory are reason enough for any series fan to pick the two games up but, above that, they stand on the own merits as great, genuinely classy games. That the patented gameplay translates to PSP so well is another boon and they're must plays in the PSP library.

So, for me as a series fan, they stand right up to the incredible home console, main games and stand alongside the other greatest PSP games too. Fantastic stuff.

moparful992336d ago

@biggcman I bought the ghost of sparta special edition psp and I love it.. I started played through ghost of sparta and beat it in a little over a day then I played chains of olympus as it was a free DL with the bundle and I beat it that day... Then I turned around and replaed ghost of sparta.. Man ready at dawn did such a great job on both games.. Best psp titles hands down... Get them now!!

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FinalSpartan2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

too much milking, GOW3 ended fine, But we saw PSP GOW and re-release too how many.

TheLastGuardian2336d ago

God of War is not milked. The GoW series has never had DLC, Only top notch sequels and prequels. You don't have to buy it but I know me and the rest of the hardcore GoW fans will.

moparful992336d ago

Its not milking when every single game is a significant step forward over the previous.. Not very many IP's can claim that over the span of 5 games... GoW remains the best examples of hack n slash pltforming done right...

gustave1542336d ago

its the best reviewed/selling hack and slash series ever... i'm happy for more GOW

gamesmaster2336d ago

coming from a guy called final spartan?

how many GOW games on PS3

- God of war 3
- God of war 1,2 HD

how many halo games on xbox 360

- halo 3
- halo wars
- halo ODST
- Halo reach

whos milking what now?

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Just_The_Truth2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

it kinda makes sense why have a contest to see if you can create a ultimate monster or whatever years after GOW3 released maybe for the next game?

Denethor_II2336d ago

Plated and Titaned GOW3. Played it again the other day just because it's so nice to look at. If they can refine the next in anyway it will be a masterpiece.