Folklore gets an 8.5/10 from GamerNode

Another great review of this stellar game . This is what the reviewer said :-

"Folklore's world and art design is the other point where it really shines. If you love games that look fantastic, and if you love unique art that's unlike anything you've seen yet strangely familiar, you'll love the visuals in Folklore. The incredible amount of folks all look cool, the Netherworld looks fantastical and Doolin looks like any number of small towns in that neck of the world, and the comic cutscenes have great presentation. Combined with the nice score, the game just works. Unfortunately, the visuals and story are so compelling it's near the top of the list of new games which may be optioned into a movie... Let's hope it isn't."

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Jack Bauer4087d ago

buying this along with orange box on wednesday...great way to start off fall break!

paracardium4087d ago

I have no doubts about this game and remember reviews are just someone's opinion nothing more.Folklore is going to be a fun game for all.

Young Capwn4087d ago

I want this and the new version of oblivion!

DJ4087d ago

I had my doubts initially, but playing through the demo erased those doubts. It's surprisingly deep, and I'm sure a lot of action RPG fans are going to love it.

Sevir044087d ago

i've got. bubbles for you

felman874087d ago

I didn't like the demo that much. I wish it were more like NGS or DMC with stronger RPG elements

Sevir044087d ago

purchased it on the day it hit japan june 21st 2007. LOL!!! played about 40percent through. with keats he rocked. even though i didn't understand everything they said i knew enough to get buy. but it's so freakin long i desided to get the english release. and best believe i'll be playing through the complete version ^^ i cant wait i'm even more stoked for it than i was initially

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